10 Reasons Why You Should Join MasterClass Pakistan

When it comes to food, there is no limit to the different levels and diverse styles of cuisine. If learning how to polish your cooking skills is something you are looking for, then a comprehensive cooking class is your best bet. Nothing can be compared to the experience you gain after cooking a proper dish with a culinary expert side by side.

MasterClass Pakistan is one such facility that offers a comprehensive course outline for every class. Within no time, we have gained implausible popularity among the masses. One can gain a number of benefits by joining the exceptional training classes offered by Masterclass Pakistan. Here is a brief review which explains how our classes are worth every penny you spend:

One: You can learn proper cooking techniques

Learning under the supervision of a trained chef is a whole new experience that is irreplaceable. In this era of digital media, you may consider that all the tricks and tips are available on the Internet whereas the fact is, a YouTube video can never be compared to what you experience in a proper cooking class while cooking with a trained chef. Once you learn the proper methods, you can implement them like a pro.

Two: You can cook alongside chefs and experts

The one aspect which makes MasterClass Pakistan unique is the hands-on experience. Nothing can make you more confident in yourself than mastering cooking skills by following each step in a real kitchen setting with celebrity or industry topping chefs and experts.
The practical way of hands-on cooking helps you learn a lot more than just looking at someone preparing a dish in a demonstration class or cooking while following a written recipe. With our classes, you get to engage one on one with the chef, and so even an amateur can perfect their cooking in our classes.

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Be it Gordon Ramsey or our very own Shireen Apaa, they won’t ever step out of TV screen and clear your queries that come to your mind only after you start preparing a dish. However, our expert chef will be standing right there to answer all your food-related questions and help you prepare your dish in the best way possible.

Three: You get to try innovative cuisines

Attending MasterClass Pakistan is definitely the best way to try new flavors. Our chefs educate you regarding all sorts of flavors and this immensely helps you in flavor pairing. A day spent at MasterClass Pakistan gives you a brief idea about the herbs and spices that are used in a particular ethnic cuisine. You can prepare mouthwatering dishes, can make the most of your kitchen tools and can plan perfect menu.

Four: Our classes are designed to provide a stress free, therapeutic cooking environment

Another reason why TV shows and YouTube videos cannot be compared to the training classes offered by the MasterClass Pakistan.  Our kitchen and outlines are designed specifically to not only teach you the best cooking and baking techniques, but also act as a therapeutic exercise for foodies.

Five: You don’t have to go through the hassle of ingredients shopping

A cooking class does not only teach you how to prepare dishes properly but it also helps you learn what ingredients are better to be used. Believe it or not, the right ingredients can change your cooking game from 0 to 100.

At MasterClass Pakistan, we arrange all the necessary ingredients. All you have to do is register for the class and you will be provided with everything you need.

Spices and ingredients in one of our classes

Six: You can take your prepared dishes home

After you return home from attending a class at our facility, you do not only get to add the best recipes in your cookbook but you also get to take the dishes, cakes or sweets prepared by you to your home.

cake pops recipe
One of our students with the Cake Pops she prepared and class certification.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn all the clever tricks at MasterClass Pakistan and show your cooked dishes to your family at home. It is a win-win opportunity for every cooking enthusiast.

Seven: You don’t have to be a pro already

It may seem like a real task to prepare dishes from the scratch for people who are not familiar with cooking but, it is not the case. At MasterClass Pakistan, every student gets a personalized cooking station along with all the equipment and ingredients. Our expert celebrity chefs individually guide all students at every step according to the skill level of each student. Think cooking is not something you are good at? Join MasterClass Pakistan and change this perception about yourself!

Eight: You can evaluate your own cooking skill

Hands-on cooking experience means you cook in real time and can estimate how long you take to get things done. Whether you are quicker than your classmates or you are facing difficulty in putting a dish together, both the possibilities help you evaluate your cooking skills and urge you to do better in the future.

bread making recipe

Nine: You can get professional cooking or baking training

The food industry in Pakistan is one of the most profitable industries, and we understand that. Which is why MasterClass Pakistan doesn’t just provide lifestyle classes. We also have a range of professional or career oriented programs designed especially for people who use food as a way to express their talent and earn through it.

Our Foodpreneur and Bakeoff programs are just two of such career programs which are not only Pakistan’s most extensive programs, but also a great platform for entrepreneurs and cooks to learn hands-on skills to launch their own food idea into the market.

Ten: You can join classes according to your ease

MasterClass Pakistan makes sure you get a fresh breath of air, considering the busier lives we live each day. We design our classes keeping your ease in mind. We offer morning and evening classes so that you don’t miss your class because you had a busy day. At MasterClass Pakistan, one-day classes are offered so that you can learn maximum methods in a shorter period of time. We also provide certificate of excellence to all our students.

So, take out time from your busy schedule and learn from your favorite chefs at MasterClass Pakistan! Take a look at our upcoming classes here.

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