A Partnership to Enable the Differently Abled. 2

MOU Signing Ceremony, Mahnoor Ahsan.
September 16th, 2021111

Masterclass Pakistan– September 16th 2021, Thursday, the MOU Signing Ceremony was held at Masterclass Pakistan, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. The Memorandum of Understanding was endorsed between Karachi Vocational Training Centre and Masterclass Pakistan- Hospitality Business School.

The MOU is a collaboration between KVTC and MasterClass, with the mutual aim of enabling the differently-abled to learn skills and become competent contributing individuals who can play a significant role in mainstream society, as well as providing future mainstream chefs with the opportunity to develop patience and resiliency of diversity, leading to a revolution in the Culinary industry.

“This collaboration between KVTC and MasterClass Pakistan will definitely open new doors for meaningful careers for the differently-abled in the culinary industry.”

said Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO of KVTC.

“I believe that it is time that we should all come together no matter what part of society we are from and play our role for an inclusive Pakistan. And I’m glad that MasterClass Pakistan has joined us in this cause.”

MasterClass and KVTC. Two names and One Mission for the youth. This collaboration will steer our vision of impacting the differently-abled towards a more Qaabil Pakistan, said Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan, the President of KVTC. Usama Ahmed CEO of MasterClass Pakistan endorsed the ceremony that his intuition is always looking forward to providing a better entrepreneurial career for our youth. It’s a great opportunity for MasterClass Pakistan and KVTC to transform these youths into well rewarding professions. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO of KVTC were the signatory and the honoree at the ceremony along with CEO of MasterClass Pakistan, Mr. Usama, and Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan the President of KVTC as the witnesses. Professionals and Industry Executives also graced their presence: Kukab Iqbal from Consumer Choice. Students of the KVTC Culinary group with the students of Masterclass Pakistan, were accompanied by Principal Sana Ayaz; Director Rehabilitation- Amir Shahab; Senior Executive Administration- Farheen Amir; General Body member– Qaysar Alam; and all Managing Committee Members, demonstrating their talent by making scrumptious sandwiches and cupcakes. To the delight of the guests, the KVTC students confidently showcased their culinary skills as well.



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