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MasterClass Pakistan is a one of a kind facility aspiring to globalize the culinary and hospitality industry of Pakistan.

Our facility was founded to revolutionize the perspective people have regarding cooking. We as Pakistanis have an immense love for food, but there’s a huge skill gap in the market regarding learning culinary arts as a skill, and our main aim is to fill that gap with our state of art services and courses.

We provide hands-on cooking classes under the supervision of expert chefs, with kitchen stations built on international standards. Our fully equipped facility is a great place for students and cooking enthusiasts to learn all about food, desserts and beverages. The courses we offer are designed to encourage aspiring foodies to kick-start their careers in the field of culinary, or just develop cooking/baking skills as a hobby. Our programs are driven by our passion for food, and the trends popular in the culinary industry across the globe.

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Usama Ahmed

Founder, MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School

MasterClass Pakistan is founded to re-build your prospective regarding cooking. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistanis have an immense passion and love for food. But, there is still a huge skills gap which affects the hospitality industry considerably. The main aim of MasterClass is to fill in the skills gap so that people who are passionate for cooking can represent themselves professionally and polish their skills.

With the help of prominent working chefs who signed on as education instructors, MasterClass Kitchen Studio has developed an updated contemporary curriculum specifically designed to encourage professional food education among the people of Pakistan.

Why MasterClass Pakistan?

With a kitchen built on international standards and filled with super amazing experiences, our institute is definitely worth exploring. Take a look at all the reasons why you should choose MasterClass Pakistan to achieve your diploma in hospitality education.

  • We’re a vision oriented school giving students the opportunity to develop skill based excellence.
  • Our hands-on classes give pupils a full experience of professional cooking and baking practices in the industry.
  • Internationally and locally acclaimed and accredited diploma and certificate programs.
  • Our degrees provide students international placement and immigration opportunities.
  • MasterClass also provides food business incubation and growth/development coaching with Foodpreneurship.
  • Our kitchen and classrooms are built on international standards.
  • We also have lifestyle and kids classes for amateur cooks and food enthusiasts.


MasterClass is magic!
Our classes are so full of creativity and enthusiasm that it automatically develops a fun and engaging learning environment.
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MasterClass believes in engaging and worthy experiences for our students and patrons, and so we encourage you to visit our facility and take a look at the amazing studio where you can learn all about food.

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