10 BBQ Tips & Tricks for a Delicious Eid-ul-Adha

Eid-ul-Adha is just around the corner and so are the aromatic flavors of delicious meat grilled to perfection. Yes, you guessed that right! BBQ time is here in full swing. Be it behari boti or seekh kabab, get ready to  prepare delectable cuisines and impress your guests at dinner parties as we’re here with some amazing BBQ  tips and tricks to make sure that you enjoy this foodie season at its peak!

While grilling is not an everyday cooking practice and not everyone is a maestro at barbecuing, learning new tricks can really level up your game and polish your BBQ skills like a pro. Read on to discover the secret to the ultimate foolproof barbecue:

1 – Marinate the Meat in Advance:

The first rule of barbecue cooking is to marinate the meat overnight or a day before. It will enhance the tantalizing flavor and texture of the meat and make it properly tender before cooking. 


2 – Secure it in a Plastic Bag:

This hack can be a savior and can prevent the marination from leakage. If you don’t have airtight plastic bags, you can use stainless steel containers to secure the meat.

3 – Get Rid of Extra Marinade:

Yes, absolutely. Excessive marinade means excessive oil, which can give a burnt flavor to the meat. To avoid ruining the flavor, shake off the additional marinade before putting it on the grill. 

4 – Double-Check the Gas Level:

Nothing can be as majorly disappointing and embarrassing as running out of gas for the grill just before the long-awaited party. Although it can be difficult to measure how much gas is remaining, you can get a fairly accurate estimate by pouring warm water beneath the side of the tank and place your hand to check. If it feels cold then there is sufficient gas.

5 – Effortlessly Light the Fire:

Charcoal grill is one of the most important BBQ tools and needs to lighten up the correct way to avoid any mess or chances of harm. Take an empty cardboard carton and put the charcoal pieces inside and light it up. The charcoal will easily flame up because of the burning carton.


6 – Heat up the Charcoal in Advance:

This is one of the most tried and tested  grilling ideas that not only saves time but also prevents the transfer of unpleasant fuel smell to your food. The best time to start grilling is when the coal changes its color to ash-gray on the top and illuminating red on the bottom surface.

7 – Use Skewers Like a Pro:

Another brilliant  BBQ tips and tricks  that you can use to ensure that the food is adequately cooked. Just keep on rotating the skewers so that all of them receive an equal amount of heat and the meat becomes tender and cooked.

8 – Use a Knife to Check the Meat:

Use a small knife to cut into the meat and check whether it is properly cooked or not. It will give you an estimate of how much of it is done.

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9 – Clean the Grill with Aluminum Foil:

Cleaning is the last but not the least part of the process. Form a ball out of aluminum foil and using a pair of kitchen tongs, scrub it all over the grill while it is hot so that all of the residue comes off!

10 –  Don’t Forget to be Safe:

Be vigilant while working with grills, open flames, and pointed objects. In addition, do not forget to ensure safety and wear aprons to avoid any possible mishaps.

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Happy Barbecuing!

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