MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School


Why is getting a Masterclass Pakistan’s franchise a smart choice?

  • Enjoy international accreditation support
  • Only one time processing fee is charged
  • Enjoy an assured pay out

Special features that set Masterclass Pakistan apart:

Masterclass Pakistan envisions a revolutionized hands-on instructions under the supervision of expert chefs, with kitchen facilities built according to the international standards. The courses we offer are designed to encourage the aspiring students to kick-start their careers in the field of culinary, baking and hospitality. Masterclass Pakistan believes in an independent management so the administration will be allowed to run with minimal interference. Become a part of a highly prestigious institute by becoming a Masterclass Pakistan’s franchise. Since we operate on standardized systems, some functions will be centralized to aid the franchise’s management.

Centralized Head office:

Masterclass Pakistan will provide a standardized structure of education to the franchises. For this purpose, a centralized head office will ensure and provide continuous support to the franchises. All franchises will be continually in contact with the team and through them, a network will be established where all the investors will be brought together on one platform. Conclusively, franchises will be able to enjoy the benefits of an already established business model, benefit from the parent company support, international accreditation support and marketing and promotional support from Masterclass Pakistan.

Standardized Academic Curriculum:

Masterclass Pakistan will provide a standardized curriculum nationwide to achieve our mission of quality education to meet the international standards. The developed syllabi will be provided to the associates, ensuring that all Masterclass Pakistan’s franchises are on a par with each other.

Continuous Professional Development and Coaching Support:

Continuous Professional Development and Coaching Support will be the responsibility of the central management. This will ensure that teachers, across the board, receive the same kind of coaching. This would help the franchise to maintain high quality standards.