Blogger Workshop with Blog This Out

MasterClass Pakistan recently organized a bloggers’ workshop in collaboration with Blog This Out. The event was conducted and led by Chef Aisha Waris at the MasterClass Kitchen Studio. Bloggers who attended the workshop got to learn some basic cooking tips and tricks and their questions and queries were responded to in the most convenient terms.

Every person attending this workshop had a very good experience with our team. The participants were awarded with certificates and invited to attend further events in the future. We’re thankful to the team of Blog This Out for collaborating with us during this event and to every participant who made this workshop successful.

If you want to bring your team to MasterClass Pakistan, feel free to contact us for becoming a part of our team building activities, cooking competitions, collaborations and more and get your event arranged at the state of the art kitchen of MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School. Visit our page for more details.


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