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Becoming a chef is a great way to translate your love for food into a growing career. And the job gets even better when you consider the different chef immigration opportunities countries provide across the world. From the UK, USA and Australia, to Germany, Paris and UAE – the destinations chef can visit to cook, bake and learn are endless.

Masterclass Pakistan is one of the institutes offering international level diplomas that help our aspiring and talented students become qualified skilled workers who can be fit enough for any kind of chef job description and capable to apply for a chef immigration visa and pursue international chef jobs related opportunities across the globe.

Take a look at the countries you can work in and the jobs you can apply for once you complete your diploma or certification from MasterClass Pakistan.

Chef Immigration Opportunities Across the Globe

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has one of the largest food and beverage industries in the world. It’s their second largest manufacturing sector accounting for 17% of all of the UK’s manufacturing GVA. It comprises of almost 7000 businesses and nearly 400,000 employees. So it’s safe to say that a career as a chef in this country can be a dream come true for you. The average salary of a chef in the United Kingdom can fall between 13 to 50 thousand pounds, depending on what your experience level is. Home to institutes like the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Tante Marie Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu and Ashburton’s Chef Academy, the UK can be your ultimate success destination.


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To work as a chef in the UK, you can apply for a Tier 2 visa for which you need to qualify as a skill based worker in cities like London, Manchester, Blighton, Oxford, Bath and Belfast.


Let’s be honest – when you think about France, you think about food. And why not – it’s the country where the Michelin Star honor was originated, it’s where delights like croissants, crepes, baguettes and eclairs were first made, and it’s home to the wonderful city of Paris – where Remy and Linguini took the food scene by a storm in Ratatouille. 


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The overall food and agricultural industry in France is worth almost around €180 billion, or 20% of the French manufacturing market. This alone shows that the country is a booming resort for budding cooks, but that also means that it’s one of the most competitive nations when it comes to jobs in the culinary industry. With culinary schools like Le Cordon Bleu, Gastronomicom, School of Bakery and Patisserie in Paris and My French Culinary School, it doesn’t just attract budding chefs from across the world, but has an influx of talented chefs and bakers from its own country as well.

France provides seasonal worker or short and long period recruitment visas to different skilled individuals including those applying for chef immigration. Your career as a chef in the country can start by working as a trainee in various restaurants and cafes in cities like Paris, Leon, Nice, Cannes and more.


Canada has rapidly progressing culinary industry with over 6,500 food and beverage processing companies and over 72,700 restaurants in 2010. This shows that Canada’s economy and its food and beverage sector is on a growing trend.

Canada also has a very unique cuisine mix, with roots originating from Scotland, England and France. Working as a chef or trainee in this country can be a very rewarding experience as not only is this one of the most progressive countries in the world, but their food is also a great perk of being a part of their culinary world.


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The chef demand in Canada is so great that they have included this occupation in their National Occupation Code List, in which the code for chefs is 6321. For you to immigrate to Canada as a chef you’ll need to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades visa and Provincial Nominee program. Job titles eligible to apply under this visa include banquet chef, chef de cuisine, chef de partie, chef pâtissier, cold foods chef, first sous-chef, head rotisseur, sous-chef, and sushi chef.


If you’re thinking about Switzerland and not thinking about chocolates and cheese at the same time, you’re not a real food fan. The Swiss culinary industry is a pillar of their economy and steeped in their traditions and cuisine. Their food industry is made up of over 200 companies employing a total of 37,000 people and generating about 3.5 billion Swiss francs of turnover abroad. With a growth in their economy and tourism, and an increase of farming and agricultural jobs, their culinary industry is constantly booming.

Home to successful legacy institutes like the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, International Culinary Management Institute and the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland offers numerous jobs to individuals interested in working as chefs or chocolatiers. The country also offers a gateway to various other European countries like France, Italy and Germany, which means that if you bag a job in this country, you’ll open gates to work in most of the successful countries in Europe, and one of the major reasons is because when you apply for a Swiss visa, you’ll be applying for a Schengen visa which will allow you to move freely in the Schengen countries.


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To apply for chef immigration in Switzerland, you will need to be a highly qualified individual in your field, and also prove that there is no Swiss individual who can fill your job responsibility. Yes, that sounds complex, but don’t worry – that’s what we’re for! Our institute can train you in skills and achievements that no one else can accomplish!


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The Australian food industry is divided into four different categories: Agriculture and fisheries, food process and manufacture, food retail and food service and catering. The restaurant and catering front is represented by R&CA – Restaurant and Catering Australia – an association that leads and represents over 35,000 businesses across the country. The industry in Australia has recently shifted its focus on introducing technology and sustainability in food, which makes it an innovative and creative industry for millennials and budding talents.


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Australia is also big on farming and protein based diets. The trend has also resulted in a rise in gastronomic tourism, further increasing demands for chefs in the country. 

To apply for a chef visa in Australia, you will have to check if your job is in accordance to the policies of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 3513-11. 


USA – the ultimate superpower of the world is home to the American Dream. People from across the globe dream of going to this country and establish a living as a successful professional in its various industries – the culinary industry included. The projected sales in the restaurant industry of USA are $863 billion, with over 1 million restaurants in the industry and a 10% inclusion in the overall US workforce. Employment of chefs and head cooks in the country is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.


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Now that does sound like a classic American Dream. Training as a chef with MasterClass Pakistan can open doors for you to work as a skilled worker in this booming nation, where you’ll have to apply for an E-2, H-1B, H-2B, J-1, L-1, O-1 or TN visa, depending on your skills and experience. These chef immigration visa opportunities can easily be your way to become the next Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen or Guy Fieri of the United States.


Turkey is a shining star in Asia’s culinary world. With a line of cuisines that range from the age-old traditions of the Ottomans, and a multi billion dollar industry of hotels and restaurants, the country can be home to your successful career as a chef.


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The hotels, restaurants and institutes (HRI) sector in Turkey represents around 6% of the country’s total food and drink market. The nation has over 3,800 hotels, over 150,000 restaurants and cafes, and 5,000 catering companies working alongside with 360 shopping malls featuring food courts.

Your career as a chef in Turkey can span across this booming industry, and you can work in the country to progress and polish your skills further. Working in Turkey also opens doors for you to work in European countries, including the Schengen region.

Love the opportunities becoming a chef can provide to you? Then why not join our diplomas and get started on a journey that can take you across nations and make you a successful connoisseur of food in the top countries of the world.

Got questions about our diplomas and how we can help you achieve your goals for chef immigration? Join us for a free consultancy session and make your mark in the booming international culinary industries.

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