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Shangrila- the renowned brand which comprises various products, includes a wide range of dips and sauces that are always helpful in enhancing the flavors of mainstream dishes, adds an extra element to your food that makes it irresistible. Shangrila, not only works to make your fries better with their tomato ketchup but also works to make your lives better with their initiated events and programs.

One of the exciting events that took place recently was a collaboration with MasterClass Pakistan – HBS, the institute aims to provide a platform for home chefs and offer specifically designed courses in order to polish their skills to perfection.

The event was based on the tag line “Cook like A Pro”, which denotes the commonality and variety of people that can be indulged in cooking with the assistance of Shangrilla recipes.

The bloggers

The young female food and lifestyle bloggers were invited in this meet up which was supervised and judged by Chef Wardah Shohaib.

The bloggers that participated:


Insight of the event

This event was a chance for all the blogger’s fans to see their favourite food bloggers in the kitchen cooking like a pro. The fun-filled evening started off with Shangrila Foods introductory documentary that represented how Shangrila foods started their journey of success, from manufacturing, quality management to final packaging. The bloggers teamed up in a pair of two, and handpicked chits which denoted one unique dish each, that was to be created by them using any product of Shangrila to enhance the flavour of their dish. Everybody got approximately 1-1.5 hours of cooking, and in this time they prepared delicious dishes like.




Alfredo pasta

And the list goes on.

All these dishes were presented to our expert, Chef Wardah Shohaib. And with the dishes the guests were served with the refreshments prepared by MHBS students.

The aim was not to find a winner, but to find the chef in each one of them, and that is why it was not a competition but a healthy meet up that refreshed the monotonous routine and gave it a delicious thrill.

The participants enjoyed each other dishes and were rewarded a beautifully packed give away that was sponsored by Shangrila it was a basket of Shangirila’s wide product range.


The bloggers went extremely satisfied from the event and also wrote good words about MasterClass Pakistan and the event, expressing their joy and fulfilment, few of the blogger praised the food while others talked about the efforts and environment.


@masterclasspakistan organized an event in collaboration with @shangrilapakistan to bring out the Master Chef in lifestyle and food bloggers.
.I was tempted with their Smokey BBQ sauce the most! And I cannot exaggerate enough that everything tasted amazing”


“Yesterday, I was invited at @masterclasspakistan for a very fun filled bloggers meet up in collaboration with @shangrilapakistan.We got to know so much about @shangrilapakistan through their documentary video!! And I can say they are great with their work! Their integrity and commitment with their work was visible in the video and I’m so glad I use their products at home. THEN COMES THE FUN PART FROM YESTERDAY: We all bloggers were divided into teams for a very exciting cooking competition!!! And luckily I got @mariammoeedkhan as my partner!!! 💃🏻💃🏻 WE BOTH HAD SOO MUCH FUN WHILE COOKING!!! 😂❤️ every team had to cook something different and AGAIN, Luckily we got ALFREDO PASTA!! 🍝
WE WERE THE FIRST ONE TO COMPLETE OUR DISH. Also, our dish was the best according to the chef! 🤩 I’m going to post the full recipe soon on my feed. It was soooo much fun!! All the bloggers and the students of @masterclasspakistan made some realllyy delicious food!!! Swipe to see the picture. 🤤🤤 • we need more events like these to have such fun filled experiences!!! Thank you @masterclasspakistan and @shangrilapakistan for the amazing event. I had a great time there.”






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