Nurturing Creativity in Kids with Hands-On Cooking


Children should learn to cook.

After all, it is a basic life skill. But is that reason enough? According to an article in the New York Times, learning to cook from an early age can help kids grow up to be well rounded, especially when those hunger pangs hit and you have only but a few ingredients left in the fridge. But that isn’t just it.

Cooking teaches children a whole lot of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Better mathematical skills learnt by measuring ingredients to create the perfect recipe.
  • A boost in their self esteem when they create something they love which can be shared with their family and which they consider as an achievement.
  • Comprehension which is derived by understanding the steps involved in recreating a recipe.
  • Kitchen safety which they can learn under adult supervision and proper guidance.
  • Communication with parents of siblings. Cooking together creates an overall aura of fun and camaraderie, which can help parents or adults talk to their children, helping them connect better and grow as well adjusted individuals.
  • Life skills like hygiene, sharing ideas, helping out friends and even cultivating hidden talents.
  • And last but not the least, cooking helps them be creative, which is the point of our article, and our kids oriented cooking program – Kids Wonderland.

creative kids cooking classes

Importance of the Creative Process

But before we talk about our program, let’s talk about why nurturing creativity in children is important. Creativity is a free form of expression, and can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience for children, especially when they are able to create their favorite dishes themselves, cultivating personal experiences in the process. That kind of creative learning is very important for children and even teenagers as it helps them develop better emotional health, and the experiences they derive from such activities can be vital in enhancing their behavior, decision making abilities and even creative thinking.

Cooking as a form of Nurturing Art

According to a Developmental Psychologist, Ecklund-Flores, fostering creativity in children won’t just increase their chances of becoming talented and skilled, but will also help develop their social, mental and emotional health. It boosts their self confidence and helps them learn from experiences and mistakes. Cooking is an important form of expressing one’s personality, just like art, writing, sports and reading, and it can be a beneficial element in your kids growing phase.

creative kids cooking classes

A Relief from Screen Time

Nowadays, we see a lot of parents arguing about how much screen time their children should be allowed. Activities like cooking can work as a miracle in this regard as this activity helps them spend time in a real life learning environment, as opposed to spending time watching something as dreadful as a song about a certain baby marine animal (we all know which one).

creative kids cooking classes

A relief from excessive screen time can also help nurture long term creativity. It is a well known fact that practice and experience helps you learn better in life, and letting kids cook their favorite meals serves that very purpose.

Why Kids Wonderland?

Kids Wonderland was an attempt to create a platform where children could learn how to cook and create their favorite snacks and meals in a healthy, creative learning environment. This program was our way to open our doors to a younger generation of chefs and bakers. But not only that. We wanted to create room for children to socialize in an extracurricular forum where their creative skills could be enhanced in a way that could help them feel accomplished and proud of themselves. And we’re glad to say we’ve accomplished that!

creative kids cooking classes

Fostering Friendships and Creative Growth

At our Kids Wonderland classes, we’ve seen kids interact with each other and learn from each other’s mistakes and stories. We’ve seen friendships form and children expressing themselves freely, and it’s always a joy to watch how in a span of 2 to 3 days, they are able to transform from shy newcomers to confident, playful and comfortable individuals. Not only that, but the accomplishment they feel after they’ve decorated their pancakes with their favorite toppings or are holding up the cupcakes they baked for a photograph is fulfilling not only for us, but for them and their parents as well.

creative kids cooking classes

This external environment and room for innovative thinking gives them a chance to grow in a span of just over a couple of days, and that’s a crucial part of their lives. These kids know that they have room for choice and improvement in their academic and professional lives, and they’re the ones who grow up to become writers, chefs, bakers and architects who take their generation forward.

So let your kids thrive by learning the skills required to grow as inventive and successful adults. Let them spread their wings in an atmosphere where they feel they belong and thus, can express their ideas and thoughts. Send them over to Kids Wonderland!

For registrations and details, please call: 03314822272 or 02134822272, or visit our page.

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