Dawlance Foodpreneurship

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Dawlance Foodpreneurship Program

Dawlance Foodpreneurship program is for all those people who have an existing food business and want to spread their brand name across avenues, or have an idea and resources ready but want a way to launch it.

This program will help them gain the required excellence in technical skills to do so.

Week Outline
Week One Preparations
  • Introductions.
  • Clarifying the aims and objectives of the Program.
  • Completing the Mentoring Agreement.
  • Determining team members’ roles & responsibilities.
  • Reviewing and Revising the Business Plan.
  • Planning the Six Month Mentoring Program.
Week Two Handling Formalities
  • Company Registration.
  • Opening Bank Account.
  • Hiring a lawyer and accountant.
Week Three Planning the Setup
  • Layout and operations of bakery/restaurant.
  • Strategic management of hiring staff.
  • Technical product knowledge.
  • Calculating food & other cost.
Week Four Financial Planning and Monitoring
  • Cashflow Forecast.
  • Profit and Loss Account.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis, Break Even Analysis & Operational Gearing.
  • Pricing Strategy.
  • Expenses so far.
  • What is working well.
  • Areas where further planning or assistance is necessary.
  • Revisit expenses so far.
Week Five Presenting the Marketing Plan to the Mentor
  • Marketing Planning and Action.
  • Creating an Effective Marketing Plan.
  • Routes to Markets.
  • Sales Targets.
  • Revisit expenses and profits so far.
Week Six Creating Marketing Collateral
  • Branding.
  • Using Social media.
  • Developing a Starter Website.
  • Networking.
Week Seven Future Planning for the coming 12 months
  • Revisiting team members’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Continued implementation of the marketing plan.
  • Continued population of the cash flow statement.
  • Continued sales, sales, sales!
  • Setting up and attending at least another 3 networking meetings.
Week Eight Overall review
  • Where are we now and where do we want to be in 12 months’ time.
  • Dissolving any legal agreements between the students’ team, the investor, incubator, mentor and PARHAO SABAQ.
  • Evaluation of the Business Start Up Program.
  • Updating the Future Business Plan for the next 12 months and preparing a presentation on this to present to the Mentor at the next and final session.
  • Website monitoring (If Applicable).