Dawlance & MasterClass – A Reliable Culinary Experience

The demand for the state of the art experience provided by us only keeps on increasing and our latest partners in this journey were more than willing to know our tips and tricks on how to be successfully reliable in this demanding industry. MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School partnered with Dawlance to provide a once in a lifetime experience to aspiring chefs which gave them a glimpse of the demanding yet fulfilling life they will get to live should they choose to go further in this profession.

Our partnership kicked-off with a competition in which the highest management of the dawlance team partnered with their spouses as #KitchenPartners where they were asked to cook mouth-watering and scrumptious meals using only Dawlance microwave ovens and hand blenders. In order to find out more about this partnership and to get more information on what else we can do to expand the hospitality industry in Pakistan, stay tuned with us.

If you want to bring your team to MasterClass Pakistan, feel free to contact us for team building activities, cooking competitions, collaborations and more and get your event arranged at the state of the art kitchen of MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School. Visit our page for more details.


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