Difference between a Culinary Certificate vs. Professional Degree

The food industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in Pakistan. Owing to that, a lot of people are now joining professional classes in order to learn from the best and pursue a career in this industry. Keeping that in mind, MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School has introduced a variety of available options to choose from. These include certificate courses as well as internationally recognized diplomas. When it comes to choosing, though, the question asked by most people is which one has more advantages, which program provides more long-term security and resources in the culinary industry. To answer that, we have compiled a few pointers between acquiring a culinary certificate vs a professional degree so that you may have a better idea of what you want to pursue.

What will they teach?

The MasterClass Pakistan culinary and patisserie certificates aim to teach you dishes related to cuisines around the world and various baked goods from breads to cakes and more. And the cuisines we teach include everything; from Pakistani and Italian to French, Middle Easter, Mexican and more. Comprising of an eight week, hands-on approach, these programs are a great way for home cooks and amateurs to learn the art of cooking and baking.

But if you’re looking for a more extensive teaching program which can help you join the culinary industry as a chef, then our nine month diploma is much more suited to your needs. Our professional diploma aims to not only teach you about the world’s cuisines but will also provide you with the introductory knowledge and skills you need to begin your career in the culinary and hospitality industry.

culinary certificate vs degree

Qualifications and Course Outcome

Another major difference between our cooking certificate and diploma in culinary arts is that by the end of the certificate c

culinary certificate vs degreeourse, you’ll be awarded with a Professional Development Award by MasterClass Pakistan. This may help you gain momentum as part of the culinary industry, but won’t qualify you as a professional chef.

Whereas by the end of the diploma program, you will be accredited by City & Guilds, London with a Level 2 diploma Not only that, you will get all this training at the hands of certified trainers who are already practicing their craft in some of the top hotels and restaurants in Pakistan. And by the end of the curriculum, you will have ample skills regarding the culinary industry, including food production, creativity, multitasking, presentation as well as interpersonal skills and overall team building skills that will cater to your path of pursuing a successful career in the hospitality industry on a national as well as international level.

The Value of Each:

If you just want a job as a cook, the culinary certificate will teach you enough skills to acquire an easy job at any local restaurant. But note that there is a difference between having a job and pursuing a full-fledged career and becoming a titled chefin the field of hospitality.

MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School’s professional level diploma will make sure you acquire internationally required skills and expertise that can help you gain leverage as a qualified chef in the field. Not only that, but we’ll also provide you internship and job placement opportunities, and also a chance to fuel the entrepreneur in you to start your own Foodpreneurship venture.

Work Placement:

Another point in the argument of the culinary certificate vs professional degree is what you will get to do after its completion. What are the guarantees and what resources will be provided to you. Let us inform you that with the culinary arts certificate, you will get to learn over 50 dishes, in a 72 credit hour course and this will help you in either starting your own home based food business, or a beginner level job in a similar startup, or even a base for an advance professional degree in the field.

Whereas with the completion of our Culinary Arts Diploma, we  will provide you with opportunities to pursue a fully fledged career in the national as well as international market. This diploma and training will highlight your individuality in a number of renowned hotels and restaurants across the industry, and will also help you gain the skills required to apply for skill based immigration opportunities in countries like Germany, UAE, Australia, UK, USA and Switzerland.

culinary certificate vs degree


Whatever field of education you decide to pursue depends solely upon your career goals. While some jobs in this field require a complete professional degree, some may accept professional certifications as a proof to your merit.  It’s true that gaining extra education only helps you to move forward, but for a lot of people, a diploma isn’t always a necessity.

Moreover, the choice you make also depends on what goal you want to achieve, If you think learning different cuisines and patisserie skills can help you start your own business or start up, you can go for our certification courses. But if you want a diploma that can testify to your skills, our Culinary Arts program is the way to go.

No matter the case, you can be assured that by joining MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School, you can get a one of a kind experience in all our programs. Our programs are created specifically to cater to the masses and revolutionize hospitality and culinary education among all. Become a part of our institute to experience the real meaning to state of the art cooking.

Want to discuss your future prospects with our team? Book a free consultancy session and let’s meet up to discuss which program suits your objectives best.


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