Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills (CTH-UK)
12 Months Theory & Practical


This course covers intensive skill-based guided training in the field of culinary education. The comprehensive and intensive curriculum will help you develop industry favoured skills in culinary artistry, including food production skills, product creativity, multitasking skills, interpersonal and presentation skills, supervisory, leadership and team-building skills which will strengthen your training and prepare you for a successful career in the national and international hospitality industry. Diploma in Culinary Skills Level 2 strengthens learners' ability in the kitchen by introducing dishes and techniques that require a higher level of skill. Students can build their confidence by becoming familiar with vast amounts of food and gaining an understanding of senior tasks in a professional kitchen environment. However, it is not just more dishes; the course introduces units that dive into the role of senior members of staff in a restaurant or hospitality setting. This includes menu planning, working with suppliers and building teamwork. These are skills that you will develop working as a junior, so it is important that students gain this knowledge. As you expand on the skills learned at the Award and Certificate level, this qualification acts as a vital step to gaining seniority and working your way up as a chef.

Syllabus Overview

Unit Code Unit Title Assessment Method
2IHC Introduction to Hospitality & culinary Theory Test
2SWFSC Safety at work,Food Safety in catering Theory test & Practical exam
2HFSD Healthier foods and special diets Theory test & Practical exam & Recipe Log
2SSS Prepare, cook & finish stocks, soups & sauces Theory test & Practical exam
2FSD Prepare, cook & finish fish & shellfish dishes Theory test & Practical exam
2CDP Prepare food for cold presentation Theory test & Practical exam
2MPO Prepare, cook & finish meat, poultry and offal Theory test & Practical exam & Recipe Log
2FVP Prepare, cook & finish fruits ,vegetables and pulses Theory test & Practical exam
2RGFEDP Prepare, cook & finish rice,grain,farinaceous products and egg dishes and pulses Theory test & Practical exam
2BPR Prepare, cook & finish bakery products Theory test & Practical exam & Recipe Log
2HCDP Prepare, cook hot and cold desserts and puddings Theory test & Practical exam & Recipe Log
2COCMP Catering operations, cost and menu planning Theory test & Practical exam
Note: All 12 units mandatory, at Level 2.
Tota Charges 320000/-

Matric / O-Levels Duration: 12 Months Practical and Theory

The Diploma in Culinary Skills Level 2 is an internationally recognized qualification that will suit you if you have some basic knowledge and experience as a joiner chef notably bypassing the Certificate in Culinary Artistry or by having relevant industrial experience. It leads to getting a Chef level employment. Graduates can not only earn excellent salaries but also get good growth opportunities in Pakistan as well as abroad in the field of Culinary Arts. Entrepreneurial minded Graduates may start their own businesses.

Who’s this course for?

If one is looking for a career in food production & catering, such as setting up a business enterprise of international standards or qualifying to take up employment as a Commis/Assistant Chef in the Hospitality Industry, these Internationally recognized Vocational Qualifications (IVQ) will set you on the right path.

Why MasterClass Pakistan?

Because MasterClass Pakistan isn’t just an institute – it’s your entire future. Our institute was founded on the basis of revolutionizing and globalizing the culinary and hospitality industry of Pakistan, and we aim to do that with our diploma programs. Our institute isn’t your average training brand, but a vision-oriented school where students are given complete opportunity to practice, develop and perfect their skills in the respective fields and programs they want to be a part of.

Not only that, we also have something to offer to everyone who’s interested in learning with us. From kids and teenagers to diploma students and adults, we have a range of programs available from person to person, depending on how involved you want to be in the culinary practices in the future.

Our hands-on, practical approach to learning helps you develop market-required skills in the global and national forum, and we make sure that they’re well equipped in presentation, learning and practices that can help them launch a successful career or business once they graduate from MasterClass Pakistan.

What are the facilities like?

MasterClass Pakistan provides a very comfortable and sophisticated learning environment. Classrooms and work areas are centrally air-conditioned, and are famous for being modern, spacious and equipped with all the latest technologies & aids.

The state of the art training kitchen facilities here include a well-appointed and complete range of top of the line machinery & equipment, designer meeting areas, a coffee lounge, student breakout areas, a library, a full Wi-Fi Network, electronically secured environment and trained staff for assistance.

What is the difference between the courses offered by MasterClass Pakistan and those offered by others?

MasterClass Pakistan’s courses are of a high academic standard and are industry centered. They focus on hands-on practical training as well as theoretical and professional training, enabling students to seamlessly integrate and excel in the industry.

Also, successful completion of the diploma programs at MasterClass Pakistan enable candidates to opt for work experience placement in Pakistan or in international markets such as Dubai and Turkey, helping them to immigrate in countries where they require skilled labor, such as in Germany or Canada, and other such developed, first world countries.

Can MasterClass Pakistan help me if I am having difficulties with learning?

MasterClass Pakistan’s trained staff will provide technical assistance when required. We offer complete academic support for students by providing help with academic work and academic counseling, at every stage.

Are the programs offered here accredited & recognized?

Yes, all the programs offered at MasterClass Hospitality Business School are accredited and certified by CTH (Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality , the details of which can be found in the link below: https://www.cthawards.com/cth-centre/pakistan-masterclass-pakistan-hospitality-business-school/ 


MasterClass Pakistan is a CTH (Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality) -UK, approved center delivering accredited International Vocational Qualifications (IVQ) and Certifications for its bespoke programs as a CTH-UK Accredited Centre.   

World Chefs Recognition

MasterClass Pakistan has been awarded the “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” by the World Association of Chefs Societies (World Chefs), a global authority on food and food standards.

Consumer Association  of Pakistan?

MasterClass Pakistan has been awarded the “Best Emerging Hospitality brand” by the Consumer Association of Pakistan.  A Pakistani board on Consumer choice association.


MasterClass Pakistan is registered with the Sindh Technical Education and vocational training Authority.

Sindh Board of Technical Education

MasterClass is registered with the Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) to provide the proper technical qualifications in the relevant field and courses.


MasterClass is registered with the National vocational and Technical training commission.

What kind of Certification is offered?

Upon successful completion of the prescribed guided learning hours and the internal theoretical and practical examinations at MasterClass Pakistan, a Certificate of Completion endorsed by MasterClass Pakistan, is issued for the Diploma & Amateur programs in Cookery & Patisserie.

Upon successful completion of the  International Examination held online at MasterClass Pakistan after the completion of the course, International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) is awarded for the Diploma in the Culinary  & Confectionery(Baking) Skills program.

Our Lifestyle Classes are hobby based classes and hence are not formally certified. A Certification of Participation is issued upon request.

What is the Work Experience Placement (WEP) Program?

The WEP program provides student chefs with valuable hands-on involvement in the industry-working environment by way of a paid work experience and paves the way for further career opportunities.

The work experience placement program is not mandatory for the diploma qualification. Placement for the paid WEP Program is arranged by way of on-campus interviews.  The placement contracts are directly agreed between the candidates and the Human Resource (HR) Department of the respective employing company.

MasterClass Pakistan provides coordination support for the first confirmed paid WEP Program on a ‘No Cost Basis’, at the Commis Hot Kitchen Chef/ Commis Pastry Chef (III, II or I) levels in Pakistan.   For more details on the WEP, kindly refer to the Professional Program Course Prospectus.

How much do the courses cost?

For details on individual course costs, kindly refer to the Course Prospectus in the respective program section.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made to MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School through any of the following methods:

Direct Deposit – Bank Transfer of fees between local bank accounts

Beneficiary: MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School

A/c. No. / IBAN No. :

Beneficiary Bank: Bank Albaraka

Branch & Address:


Credit Card Authority – Payment by either Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard.     

Bank Draft or Banker’s Cheque – Please make cheques/drafts payable to “MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School”

Cash – Direct cash payment can be made at the front office desk

Are my tuition fee secured at MasterClass Pakistan?

Yes. As soon as you pay your tuition fees, they are held in a bank account administered by MasterClass Pakistan and they are not accessed until you begin your course.

Can the payments be made in installments?

For the Diploma and Amateur programs in Cookery & Patisserie, installments are available for all Pakistani Residents. All instalments must be secured by way of postdated cheques. Kindly enquire at the admission office for details

How do I apply?

One could chose to make an online enquiry using the respective program Online Enquiry Form, upon which a representative from our admissions department will contact you to proceed further.

Alternatively, you could come to MasterClass Pakistan in person and apply.

When can I begin the Course?

Start Dates for all courses are detailed under Course & Date, in the respective program section.

Does MasterClass Pakistan have procedures & polices for its program?

Yes, MasterClass Pakistan has procedures & policies and the same is made available at the time of admission.

What should I do if I need medical help during the class?

There are several medical centres in the city near MasterClass Pakistan.
If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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