Foodpreneurship Program

Pakistan’s First Food Entrepreneurial Program

About Our Course

Do you have a food idea which you want to share with the world? Are you lacking the investment or expertise to launch your food venture? Then join the MasterClass Foodpreneurship Program Pakistan's first food entrepreneurship program. A one of a kind course where you will get a chance to shape your food idea into reality. Our Foodpreneurship program empowers future entrepreneurs by providing initial investment and mentoring in cooking, baking and management skills, along with the following perks:
  • Development of Excellence in Skills with Hands-on Cooking.
  • International Certification.
  • Business and market R&D, with a focus on product development, delivery and packaging.
  • Meetup with Potential Investors.
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Practical and Theoretical Learning

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Includes Certification

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Investment Opportunities

Program Levels

The Foodpreneurship program will focus on three different approaches, namely: Diploma, Certification and Accelerated programs, which will focus on your individual skill set and entrepreneurial needs required to start your business. The programs will:

Demonstrate strategy and business planning skills for venture start up, marketing, financing, management and decision making.
Negotiations, decision making, managing risks and adapting to change.
Recognize business opportunities and be cognizant of business startup fundamentals.
Company capitalization and product focus.

Further details of the programs are as follows:

Who Can Join This Program?

Wondering if you can join our Foodpreneurship program? Take a look at our requirements:
  • Small-scale businesses and restaurant owners.
  • Anyone with an online business.
  • Anyone that has a food business idea but lacks the investment.
  • Anyone that is looking for a start-up plan.
  • Anyone with the investment but lacks the technical knowledge and expertise.

Program Takeaway

Pakistan’s first Foodpreneurship program is not only extensive and goal oriented, but we’ll also help you start your dream venture by providing the following:
  • Development of excellence in technical skills.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in R&D, management, risk management, decision making and more.
  • International certification.
  • Meetup with potential investors and up to 2 Million investment.

MasterClass Pakistan is an explicit piece of art, a Kitchen Studio that is introduced in Pakistan for the first time offering hands-on certificate programs in culinary, pastry or baking arts.

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