MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School


Culinary Arts

  • Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills
  • Certificate in Culinary Artistry
  • Intermediate in Culinary Arts


  • Level 2 Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery Skills
  • Certificate in Baking and Patisserie
  • Intermediate in Baking & Patisserie Arts
  • Fundamentals of Professional Baking

Hospitality Management

  • Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management – Level 5
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management – Level 4
  • Diploma in Hotel Operations

Course Descriptions

Diploma in Hospitality Management (DIHM)

A level 4 program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to launch a successful career in the respective industry all across the world.
A more in-depth management programme, aimed at providing learners with a broader understanding of the operational aspects of the hospitality industry.
This is a substantive management programme, typically delivered over a six month period for full-time students. Level 4 courses combine practical career-based elements with a number of essential management disciplines that will be invaluable as the individual’s career progresses. The course, therefore, provides the practicality needed for the workplace with the theory needed to advance in management roles and in education.
Students who complete Level 4 may use it as a pathway to advanced study, typically progressing on to the Advanced Diploma. Since the Level 4 Diploma is designed to be broadly equivalent to that of the first year of a bachelor’s degree, students may use the qualification to apply for credit entry to a number of bachelor’s degree programmes at selected universities worldwide. However, the course is ideal preparation for immediate employment in the sector

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADIHM)

A level 5 program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to enter a successful career in the respective industry globally.
The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of the hospitality industry. In addition, it is also designed to develop independent research and study skills required when working at the senior managerial level in the industry. Therefore, the Advanced Diploma is excellent preparation for either entry to the workplace or as a springboard into final year bachelor’s degree-level study.

Diploma in Culinary Skills Level 2

This course covers intensive skill based guided teaching in the field of culinary education.
The comprehensive and intensive curriculum will help you develop industry favored skills in culinary artistry, including food production skills, product creativity, multitasking skills, interpersonal and presentation skills, supervisory, leadership and team building skills which will strengthen your learning and prepare you for a successful career in the national and international hospitality industry.
The Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills strengthens learners’ ability in the kitchen by introducing dishes and techniques that require a higher level of skill. Students can build their confidence by becoming familiar with vaster amounts of food and gaining an understanding of senior tasks in a professional kitchen environment.
However, it is not just more dishes; the course introduces units that dive into the role of senior members of staff in a restaurant or hospitality setting. This includes menu planning, working with suppliers and building teamwork. These are skills that you will develop working as a junior, so it is important that students gain this knowledge.
As you expand on the skills learned at the Award and Certificate level, this qualification acts as a vital step to gaining seniority and working your way up as a chef.

  • Learn and explore the techniques of Advance culinary skills and enhance your abilities and capabilities with this 12 month comprehensive Diploma course.

Certificate in Culinary Artistry

MasterClass Pakistan is all about originality and promoting individual learning and focus. With our vision and drive, we’ve been able to reach countless avenues and achieved coverage and awards are from recognized international bodies. And to achieve that vision we’re offering a 6-months Certificate Program in Culinary Artistry.
In this program, we take a scientific approach toward developing necessary skills in our already talented students, who will be able to envision successful growth in the culinary industry after the completion of this program.
Examining culinary expressions will assist you extend your horizons in numerous ways. Not only will it assist you gotten to be a proficient chef, it’ll allow you a more profound appreciation for food as culture, food as art, your wellbeing and more, all of which you’ll be able to pass on to your clients through your own culinary endeavours.
You’ll benefit from a world-class education that mixes culinary mastery with business common sense and hospitality information. This integrated instruction will prepare you with all the aptitudes you would like to be gotten to be a culinary mastermind, learning in state-of-the-art kitchens and spaces interestingly custom-made for each organize of culinary development.
Our well-rounded educational programs join down to earth abilities to business information, permitting students to create their leadership and administration aptitudes whereas giving them with the know-how to dispatch a fruitful food-based trade.

  • Learn and explore the techniques of culinary with this 6 month comprehensive course.

Diploma in Patisserie & confectionary Skills Level 2

Masterclass Pakistan offers an intensive culinary learning program based on the classic continental baking and patisserie that incorporates all basic to advance skills and knowledge necessary for commercial food production operations. This course follows a conceptual and practical approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to launch a successful career in the respective industry all across the world.
The aim of this specialist Patisserie and Confectionery Skills qualification is to introduce learners to the core skills needed to work in a professional kitchen. Through the course, students will be taught general kitchen practices like food hygiene and menu planning, as well as more specific skills such as chocolate work and pastry making.
By exposing learners to professional cooking equipment and a professional kitchen environment they will begin to understand the appropriate conditions to prepare, cook and store food. This will ultimately mean that their transition from the classroom to a commercial kitchen will be seamless.
The variety of ingredients used, tools handled and techniques learned from this qualification will help students to graduate from the course a well-rounded cook whose chances of employable are much higher than when they first enrolled.

  • Learn and explore the skill & techniques of baking with this 6 month comprehensive Diploma course and enhance your abilities and capabilities successfully and raise your name in the world of baking.

Certificate in Professional Baking

In this course, you will learn how to start baking, its introduction, different methods and techniques used in baking. HACCP has given importance in this course as well.
The aim of this qualification is to introduce learners to the core skills needed to work in a professional kitchen. Through the course, students will be taught general kitchen practices like food hygiene and menu planning, as well as more specific skills such as chocolate work and pastry making.
This certificate course will enhance your inner skills and polish in a way that an individual can make their name as the rising star baker in the world of baking. In this course, an individual learns the basic baking techniques leading to advance.
For anybody who appreciates the culinary expressions, taking cooking classes is both a pleasant and enlightening encounter. Your instructor will assist you to see food in other ways, present you to modern formulas, and walk you through crucial capacities.
However, whereas taking a basic cuisine course is profoundly critical, novice bakers may be more inquisitive about a course particular to the art of patisserie. Students of baking will pick up information of pastry-specific approaches and apply conventional culinary aptitudes to the world of baking, making these classes a beneficial wander for students of all skill levels.

  • Learn and explore the techniques of baking with this 3 month comprehensive course.

Certificate in Cake Decoration & Fondant art

Take your first step into the professional culinary world with our certificate program in Cake Decoration & Fondant Art. with a practical and Theoretical based outline, this program is not only career oriented, but also a great way to develop globally recognized excellence in this particular this program w take a scientific approach toward developing necessary skills in our already talented students, who will be able to envision successful growth in the culinary industry after the completion of this program.

  • Learn and explore a plethora of cake decorating techniques with this 3-month comprehensive course.

Professional Cooking Program

MasterClass Pakistan brings you an exclusive, one of a kind Professional Cooking Program which offers an individual a bright chance to learn profession cooking skills complete hand-on instruction with our best chef from the food industry.

  • Learn and explore the techniques of culinary with quick implementation and join us in our 4 weeks special course with comprehensive knowledge.

Organization Information

MasterClass Pakistan is a one of a kind facility aspiring to globalize the culinary and hospitality industry of Pakistan.
Our facility was founded to revolutionize the perspective people have regarding cooking. We as Pakistanis have an immense love for food, but there’s a huge skill gap in the market regarding learning culinary arts as a skill, and our main aim is to fill that gap with our state of art services and courses.
We provide hands-on cooking classes under the supervision of expert chefs, with kitchen stations built on international standards.
Our fully equipped facility is a great place for students and cooking enthusiasts to learn all about food, desserts and beverages.
The courses we offer are designed to encourage aspiring foodies to kick-start their careers in the field of culinary, or just develop cooking/baking skills as a hobby.
Our programs are driven by our passion for food, and the trends popular in the culinary industry across the globe.

Admission Requirements

General Admission

MasterClass Pakistan is a one of a kind facility aspiring to globalize the culinary and hospitality industry of Pakistan.

  1. Have a minimum age of 16 on enrolment.
  2. Completed Secondary School Certificate
  3. 2 O Level
  4. Have completed secondary education for 3 and 6 month programs
  5. Have a level of English sufficient to enable students to complete written assessments, produce recipe logs with recipes in English, costing, and time plans.

Provisional Admission

  1. Limited Special Admission: students can enroll themselves in our short course of profession cooking programs design to provide hands on instruction to professionals.
  2. Crash courses: Non–high school graduates may be admitted for participation in our crash academic programs at the discretion of the campus administration.

Procedure and Criteria for Admission

Criteria admission based on the following:

  • A completed application form
  • Secondary certificate or above
  • CNIC /NICOP of applicant and Guardian
  • 4 Passport size picture of the applicant.
  • Guardian details with contact number.

The candidate must yield an official transcript of his secondary record beside the application. Candidates who don’t fulfill the over criteria, may be acknowledged and put on probation. For candidates applying for confirmation with progressed standing, an official transcript of their past college/university record is required.


When the applicant fulfil the admission criteria, he/she has to submit the initial charges of the desired course before orientation.

Fee Re-Fund Policy

In case of withdrawal for any reason, any fees paid to the school are not refundable.


All students are provided with an ID card, valid for their academic session and must to be wear during at the premises.

Registration Procedures

Terms and Definitions


The credit is the unit of measure for coursework.

Course Load

Full–time students must enroll for specified Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for a programme.

Prerequisites and Requisites

Some credit courses (particular unit/module) include specific requirements which must be met prior to enrollment. Specific requirements may include prerequisites (courses that must be satisfactorily completed prior to enrollment), requisites (courses that must be taken at the same time of enrollment) or other specific conditions. Prerequisites and requisites for any course are subject to change. Students must meet the prerequisite and requisite requirements of any course at the time the student attempts to register for that course. If you have questions about the prerequisites or requisites for a course, please contact the academic department. The MasterClass Pakistan reserves the right to drop a course from a student’s schedule if the course prerequisite, requisite, or other specific conditions have not been met.

How to Register

MasterClass Pakistan offers two ways to register: you can register yourself online or in person. You are also encouraged to register through web registration. If you have any sort of query, you can visit MasterClass Pakistan Admission Office. walk-in or appointments are always welcome.

Withdrawing of a course by Masterclass

Withdrawing of a course due to any technical or accidental condition by MasterClass Pakistan, students’ enrollment in that class will be cancelled, and they will be entitled to a 100 % refund of fees paid for that particular class/course.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee

An application fee is assessed when a student is initially admitted to Masterclass. Students paying an application fee are eligible to receive Student ID card from the Administration Office.

Application Fee
Registration Charges 10,000 (one time only)
Note: This fee is a processing fee and is non-refundable.

Fee / Rules And Regulations

1. The fee paid at the time of Admission includes

  • Registration and Admission Charges fee (Non-Refundable)
  • Professional Kits Charges (Refundable)
  • All new Admission will be charged a certain amount and fee in advance.
  • Tuition fees “shall be payable on a monthly basis, in advance for all tiers”, A fee Voucher form will be distributed by accounts.
  • The tuition Fee is non-transferable to other students.
  • Students who opted to appear in international exams will have to pay or clear full fees for the academic year, before final examinations.
  • A Student must approach the account section for any fee delay before the due date.

2. Due Date

  • Tuition Fee Vouchers are always issued with a ‘Due Date’ of 10 days. After the expiry of the “Due Date,” the same fee Vouchers can be deposited with the late fee fine which is charged on a daily basis e.g. Rs. 100 per day.

3. Late Fee Payment/s Charges

  • For the students failing to pay a monthly fee on “Due Date”, Accounts Section will update students through verbal reminders.
  • Rs. 100/- per day is charged after the expiration of the due date.
  • Tuition Fee Vouchers are issued latest by the 25th of each month, prior to the academic month, and passed to students by hand. (Dates may vary due to admission week of some programs).
  • (E.g. Tuition Fee Vouchers will be issued on March 25, 20XX for the month of April 20XX)

4. Late Fee calculation

Paying fee with late charges

  • If a Tuition Fee is due is May 10, 20XX, and the student paying the fee on the May 13, 20XX, the total late fee will be Rs. 300. (Including the day of payment).

5. Fee Discount at the time of admission

  • An option for students is if a student is willing to pay the full Tuition fee for the full program. (She/he is entitled to a small discount, where the discount percentage will depend on the Program). This option can be avail in the first month (30 days) of the registration.
  • Discussed with the admission office for a Fee discount.

6. Default On Fee/s

  • If Students/Parents/ Guardians default on fees payment run the risk of making their children liable to being struck off the school roll. Where no refund will be made.
  • Students who have appeared in international exams will have to pay or clear full fees for the academic year.

7. RESIT Fee

  • If a student fails any Theory/Practical examination, they are bound to pay a RESIT fee, (RESIT Fee varies and depends on Awarding Body and specific program).
  • If a student appeared in the practical RESIT Theory/Practical examination, they are bound to pay a RESIT fee (above mention), including Chef Examiner/s Fee, Ingredients Cost, Kitchen Cost, and Bank charges.
  • Same RESIT Fee applied to Non-International Certificate and Diploma.

8. Method of Payment:

  • All dues can be paid directly to Accounts. Accounts can accept cash, Pay orders, and Bank drafts. Cash Bank cheque.
  • Students can deposit Tuition fee directly (Online Banking) to specified bank accounts,]
  • Students are expected to update the accounts section for fees deposited (Online Banking) to banks (Evidence should be shared with the Accounts), and to collect the payment slip with the stamp on the respective Voucher.
  • In case of any bouncing Cheques or dishonoured cheques may lead to extra bank charges will be bored by students. (Late Tuition fee and bank charges).

9. Sibling Discount

  • A sibling discount is applicable to the second child seeking admission to the school as his siblings.

10. Withdrawals

  • Students/Parents wishing to withdraw their children from a school are required to fill in the student withdrawal forms or write a letter.
  • These forms or letters have to be submitted before the 1st of the month.
  • The student applying for the school leaving certificate before the 1st of the month will pay the tuition fee till the current month and applying after the 5th shall pay the tuition fee for next month as well.

11. Student Registration for International Program Fee

  • In the final semester (last month) Masterclass Pakistan will process the bank transaction for examination fee to the awarding bodies.
  • Due to any fluctuation of Pak Rupees against US$ or British pound sterling £, the account section will issue a Voucher for an additional Examination fee to compensate for the difference.
  • The students will be updated at the time of admission on the fixed International Examination Fee in US$ or British pound sterling £.
  • As per Masterclass Pakistan publish an International Fee policy in January 2021. The international feetransaction is always made in the last month of the every ending programme.
  • The students will be notified of any fluctuation of Pak Rupees against US$ or British pound sterling £.
  • If difference (of total fee) is under Rs. 500, Masterclass Pakistan will bore the deference.
  • If the difference (of total fee) is above the Rs. 500 is mandatory for students to pay the difference.

12. Suspension, Termination or Cancellation of Enrollment
The Masterclass Pakistan reserves the right to suspend, terminate or retroactively cancel the enrollment of any student for any of the following reasons:

  • Disciplinary reasons.
  • Non–payment of course on due dates, including non-payment resulting from dishonored checks or charge cards.
  • Students fail to meet the minimum academic standards.
  • Fail to complete course prerequisites.
  • Fail to meet the minimum 95% of attendance

Workshops and Short Courses

  • Workshops and Short Courses can be a month, weekend, or one day long.
  • No refund if the student fails to show up on the actual day/s.
  • The tuition fee can’t be used for the next course.
  • Participants can differ dates for the next program, Participant must notify the admission office two weeks prior to the program commencement.
  • The fee is non-transferable to other participant/s.


The MasterClass Pakistan Admission department is responsible for processing tuition and fee exemptions. The following is a list of tuition fee exemptions available at MasterClass Pakistan. For additional information, contact to the admission Office.

Military & Government

Special Discount of 10% on first tuition fee are extended to the children of serving Military & government officials..

Other Fees

International Certification Fees

Most of the MasterClass Pakistan programmes are endorsed and accredited by International Certification bodies. At the time of admission, students may select and get registered for a particular certification body or discuss with the admission department for professional advice. International Certification fees may vary due to foreign exchange rates and selected certification bodies.

Convocation Ceremony Fees

MasterClass Pakistan convocation is a bi-yearly event. MasterClass Pakistan will issue Convocation Fee-challan; however, the Convocation Ceremony fee/cost depends on the venue and season. Students are expected to join (once) Convocation Ceremony after they have completed all rerolled program/s.


Diploma in Hospitality Management (DIHM)

This program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to launch a successful career in the respective industry all across the world.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADIHM)

This program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to enter a successful career in the respective industry globally.

The Culinary Skills

The Culinary Skills offers students the opportunity to be a part of a professional environment that is intentionally designed to foster professional excellence. Students have the opportunity to enroll in stimulating designated courses with professional Chefs at world-class facilities at MasterClass Pakistan.

The Patisserie & Confectionary Skills

MasterClass Pakistan has programs specifically designed for students who are initially interested in baking. This program is designed for students who are preparing themselves for professional study and develop skills to succeed in the world of baking & patisserie.

Professional Cooking Programs

Masterclass design this one month Professional course for the students who belong to the food industry and who must develop their core culinary and baking skills more in short valuable time.

Single Cuisine Program

This is the opportunistic program designed especially for the home-base cooks on different cuisine menus with one day or two-day duration, approximately 4 to 8 hours duration.

Cumulative Report Record

The Cumulative Record contains a student’s academic records, attendance reports, achievement reports and special reports related to the student’s educational program. As the term “cumulative” implies, information is added to the record each year as the student progresses through the grades.
This record is confidential and kept in the academic department and cannot show without written permission to others. It can only provide after permission by the student’s guardians or parents.


The transcript is a certified record of a student academic progression throughout a course of study having full enrollment history including all courses attempted, grades earned and degrees and awards conferred.
Apart from international examination and certification students must clear the internal examination and should have MasterClass Pakistan Transcript with 45% passing marks. (Grading or passing criteria may vary according to International Certification bodies).

Grading Policies

Class Attendance

The faculty and staff at Masterclass want you to succeed. Since education develop positive relationship between excellent attendance and marvelous grades, you are strongly encouraged to attend all classes and follow the allocated time. Implementation of attendance policy should be followed by all Masterclass Pakistan students.

Grading System

Masterclass grading system is designed to evaluate the performance of students as fairly and equitably as possible.
Letter grades will be assigned for courses as follows:D = Distinction
M = Merit
P = Pass
F = Failure
FN = Failure for Non-Attendance*
W = Withdrawal
I = Incomplete
However, Grading or passing criteria may vary according to International Certification bodies

Standards of Academic Progress

MasterClass Pakistan is state-of-an-art facilities to provide students with a high-quality educational experience in an environment supportive of intellectual and personal development. The aim of the Standard of Academic Progress is to clearly Communicate the student’s minimum expectation of academic progress.

Specific Standards

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, students must maintain the following minimum cumulative standards:
Cumulative Enrollment: 9 hours or more credit
Percentage of Semester Courses *Successfully Completed: 45% (“W,” “F” and “FN”
count as unsuccessful)

Standards for Students on Academic Warning, Academic Probation and Academic

Academic Warning

Students who do not meet the specific standard will initially be placed on academic warning. Students with an academic warning will not allow registering for the following semesters until they achieve a satisfactory level.

Academic Probation

Students who do not make satisfactory progress based on the standard while on academic warning will be placed on academic probation When the Academic department deems a student to need in-depth intervention, a counsellor (Academic staff member) will assist the student. Students who make academic progress will remain on probation until they achieve a satisfactory level.


Students who do not make satisfactory progress while on academic probation will be placed on academic suspension and must wait for next semester before reinstatement is possible.

Notification of Status

All students placed on academic warning, academic probation or academic suspension will be formally notified of their status by the MasterClass Pakistan. Students placed on warning, probation, or suspension should meet immediately with Academic Manager to determine what action can be taken to return to satisfactory progress or standard.

Glossary of Terms

Academic Transcript

A transcript is proof of education. It has a detailed record of all the subjects you have studied with your scores in the form of marks or grades given by the institution of study

Diploma in Hospitality Management (DIHM))

This program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to launch a successful career in the respective industry all across the world.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADIHM)

This program follows a knowledge and skills approach that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and innovative excellence they need to enter a successful career in the respective industry globally.

Certificate in Culinary Artistry (CICA)

Certificate in Culinary Artistry is a program of instruction consisting six month duration. The certificate is awarded to students who successfully completed their Academic set duration.

Diploma in Culinary Skills (DICS)

A career–credential that consists of a course of study that is part of a C.I.C.A. degree, and leads to employment. DICS awarded by International Certificate after successfully completion of 12 month duration credit

Professional Cooking Program (PCP)

Career and technical education programs designed to allow students to immediately pursue careers with immediate effect.

Certificate in Baking & Patisserie (CIBP)

Designed for students who plan to complete their quality years with us in the world of baking. It is the basic program of 3 months baking with complete hands on instruction.

Diploma in Patisserie & Confectionary Skills (DPCS)

Career education programs are designed to allow students to immediately pursue careers that require a MasterClass Pakistan degree at the paraprofessional level.

Cake Decoration & Fondant Art (CDFA)

Cake decoration & fondant art is a program design for the professions who wants to learn fondant techniques and practice their skills in an artistic way. Three month program provide wide range of fondant skill with perfection.

Single Cuisine Program (SCP)

A profession course which provide hands on instruction cuisine wise with one or two day(s) duration.


Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) – UK
Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) – UK
City and Guild (C & G) – UK
Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) – Pakistan

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Expectations of Student Conduct

MasterClass Pakistan is dedicated to maintaining an environment that fosters student success. The institution endeavors to protect the rights of students and also expects all students to act responsibly.
Attendance at the institution is a privilege, and to maintain the standard, the right is reserved by the institution to establish rules and regulations to foster ideals and protect the interest of the institution. Each student is subject to federal and state laws, respective county and municipal ordinances, and all rules and regulations of the institution.
Violations of published laws, ordinances, or rules and regulations may subject the violator to appropriate disciplinary action by authorities.
Disciplinary action, unless otherwise provided by law, may include fines, the withholding of diplomas or transcripts pending compliance with rules or payments of fines and the imposition of probation, suspension, or dismissal.
Any act or behavior on the part of the student which tends to impair, interfere with, or otherwise disturb or obstruct the orderly conduct, processes, functions, and/or interests of the institution is expressly prohibited. Such acts or behaviors may include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Illegal use or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics.
2. Cheating in any form.
3. The use of indecent or abusive language.
4. Vandalism or destruction of property
5. Falsification of records.
6. Unauthorized use of the institution name.
7. Lewd or indecent conduct or attire.
8. Violence against any member or guest of the MasterClass community.
9. Theft or willful destruction of school property or of the property of members of the school.
10. Interference with the freedom of movement of any member or guest of the school.
11. Violation of federal or state law, or county or city ordinance.
12. Repeated offences of a less serious nature.
13. Sexual harassment or assault

Procedures for Handling Violations of MasterClass Pakistan Standards of Conduct

The academic department is responsible for student success and will be responsible for student discipline. All alleged student/s who engage in the violations of specific rules (Ad hoc SOPs) or Masterclass Pakistan regulations will be referred to the academic manager for student status.

Temporary Order of Suspension

Within the case of a violation that clearly disturbs the deliberate forms of school operations or imperils the life of others, the MasterClass Pakistan dignitary of student success may issue a transitory arrange of suspension or expulsion from the school management to secure the finest intrigued of the school. In all cases of brief suspension or expulsion from the school, the student(s) included might be asked to stay off-premises or property pending the planning of a hearing with respect to the charges brought against the student(s).
Notify all the concerned people about student temporary suspension and the school rules that allegedly has been violated. The student(s) involved will be notified in writing about the nature of the charges or incident/s.


MasterClass Pakistan management will make the decision which based the findings, impose the following upon students:

Warning: A notice in writing that continuation or repetition of violation of campus rule within a period stated in the warning may be cause for more severe disciplinary action.

Restitution: Student shall reimburse the for damage to or misappropriation of school property.

Suspension: Recommend restrictions from school, classes and other such privileges and activities, as set forth in the notice, for a definite period of time not to exceed 2 weeks. The conditions for readmission, if any, shall be stated in the notification to the student.

Dismissal: Recommend by the school management dismissal for an indefinite period. The conditions of readmission, if any, shall be stated in the notification to the student.


The MasterClass Pakistan philosophy is to safeguard personal student information in its possession to ensure the confidentiality of the information.
The MasterClass Pakistan will only collect personal information that is required to pursue its academic operations and to comply with school management reporting and disclosure requirements. Personal information collected by the Masterclass Pakistan includes student names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, emergency contact information, NICOP number, date of birth, employment eligibility data, any benefits plan enrollment information, source of student fee payment, which may include dependent personal information, and school/college or certification credentials.
Personal student information will be considered confidential and as such will be shared only as required and with those who have a need to have access to such information. All hard copy records will be maintained in locked, secure areas with access limited to those who have a need for such access. Personal student information used in academic/business system applications will be safeguarded under school proprietary electronic transmission and intranet policies and security systems. Participants in school benefit plans (Sponsorship/Scholarship) should be aware that personal information will be shared with plan providers as required for their claims handling or record-keeping needs.
Maintaining the confidentiality of Masterclass Pakistan is of paramount importance. The Volunteer/Interns acknowledges that he/she may receive or have access to information relating to the Masterclass Pakistan which the school does not publicly disseminate, including information relating to its activities, services, programs, plans, membership lists and information, vendor lists and information, sponsor lists and information, vendor and service-provider relationships, finances, technical data, software, and all information relating to discussions at meetings of the Management or task forces, including any and all meeting materials, such as correspondence, reports, etc., Masterclass Pakistan Hospitality Business School and accreditation body confidential information, including information related to any candidate, certificate, program, information concerning exams, site visits, or exam or site visit results.

Obligations (Confidentiality)

To protect the Masterclass Pakistan Hospitality Business School Confidential Information Student/employees shall1. Not disclose Confidential Information to any third-party without a need-to-know;
2. Not remove Confidential Information of Masterclass Pakistan.
3. Students do not use Confidential Information for personal benefit or for the benefit of any third party.
4. Not to deliver the Masterclass Pakistan documents and records personal benefit or for the benefit of any third party. (Including electronic storage media)
5. Staff shall protect the confidentiality of any information acquired by them in the course of the scope of their work and no member of student/staff shall knowingly or willfully disclose any confidential information to any third party.
6. Student/Staff shall be and appear to be fair, act in good faith and not allow bias or prejudice to override their objectivity in academic, research, administrative, business matters.

General Guidelines for Confidentiality of Student Records:

The Masterclass Pakistan may release directory information to all administrative staff, academic staff and overseas or local educational bodies as a matter of course without the prior consent of the student.
The release of information is for the betterment of the student academic progressions and evolutions.
Students who do not wish the college to release any or all directory information must notify the Registrar in writing.
Directory information consists of:
1. The student’s name
2. NICOP details
3. Local and home addresses and telephone numbers,
4. Masterclass Pakistan Hospital Business School e-mail address,
5. Date and place of birth (only if the student is currently enrolled),
6. Major field of study,
7. Enrollment status (Full-Time or Part-Time)
8. Participation in officially recognized activities dates of attendance,
9. Academic level,
10. Diploma and Certificates awards received,
11. The name of the most recent educational institution previously attended
12. The student’s photograph,
13. Names of the student’s parents


What is Social Media?

Social media includes online electronic tools to help students, parents, teachers, chefs and
Masterclass Pakistan staff communicate effectively. Specific examples of popular social media tools include: image sharing (Flickr), video sharing (YouTube), social networking (Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter), blogs (blogger, BlogSpot), discussion boards and many more.

A. Masterclass Pakistan Related Social Media

School-related social media includes:
1. Staff/s created or maintained social media whose recipients or participants include students or parents whom the staff knows primarily by reason of the staff’s responsibilities.
2. Social media created or maintained by a staff at the direction of his/her CEO/Head or in furtherance of his/her employment responsibilities with school equipment or resources.
3. Social media created or maintained by a student at the direction of a staff or Chef as an assignment given by a Masterclass Pakistan staff or Chefs with school equipment or resources.

B. Personal Social Media

4. Nothing in this policy shall prohibit personal or private social media use by staff acting outside of the scope of their employment (Masterclass Pakistan) using personal technology. Likewise, nothing in this policy shall prohibit personal or private.
5. Social media use by students outside of the school environment using personal technology.
6. Creation of or access to personal social media by students or staff which creates a disruption or an eminent risk of substantial disruption to the school environment may result in disciplinary action or referral to Masterclass Pakistan Management.
7. On severity issue of any negative incident/s, Masterclass Pakistan may seek a legal advice for a lawyer/s and act accordingly.
8. It is highly recommended that, students who maintain personal social networking sites shall not allow classmate/s to access their personal sites, excepting members of immediate family.
9. Masterclass Pakistan should restrict the use of personal technology and social media for personal purposes to non-study times or hours. Any study-free use must occur during times and in places that the use will not interfere with classes or practical otherwise be disruptive to the school or working/study environment or its operation.

C. General Guidelines for Students and Staff.

The general guidelines of propriety for staff, parents, or students who use school related social media include:

10. Be aware of the permanency of the Internet and think before you post. Once something is sent out, it may be permanent and unable to be retracted.
11. Act responsibly since everything online may be accessible to the public.
12. Treat others with respect, protect confidential information and the rights of others, and obey copyright law.
13. Post positive, meaningful, and thoughtful comments.
14. Don’t post or upload any negative comments, any grievances should be instantly reported to Masterclass Pakistan management.
15. Photos of students or staff obtained through resources should not be uploaded on any personal pages, unless student took the written approval form respective person or school management.
16. Student photos posted on school related social media must not contain the student’s or staff’s name.
17. Masterclass Pakistan staff must not “friend” students on personal social media; and must avoid overly personal emails, text or communications with students on Masterclass Pakistan related social media, excepting members of immediate family.
18. Masterclass Pakistan will upload academic and ceremonial post, article/s, statement/s, picture/s, audiovisual item/s on social media, (including Electronic and print media) on daily bases.
18.1 A students have a right to request that he/she is not to be included in social post due to a valid reason/s.

D. Masterclass Pakistan and Social Media

To protect Masterclass Pakistan staff, students, parents, the Masterclass Pakistan management requires all staff who access or create social networking sites through Masterclass Pakistan resources to abide by the following:

19. Staff Access to social media sites using Masterclass Pakistan resources should be for instructional or informational purposes directly related to employment responsibilities e.g. marketing or publicity and/or educator’s curriculum.
20. What is written should provide value by being thought-provoking and build a sense of existing or potential student.
21. What is written should help people improve their knowledge and skills, solve problems, or understand situations.
22. Only comment on things about which you are well informed otherwise get advice form Management.
23. No linguistic mistakes e.g. grammatical or spelling errors in the posts, it is recommended to get an approval from Management.
24. Need an approval from Management for any type and contents to post on social media.
25. What is written should invite discussion without inflaming others or demeaning them.

E. Student and Social Media

To maintain a safe and productive learning environment, the Masterclass Pakistan requires all students who access or create social networking sites through personal resources and commenting or posting related Masterclass Pakistan, to abide by the following:

26. If something you are about to post makes you uncomfortable, first consult with Masterclass Pakistan management.
27. Do not bully others online directly or indirectly which links to Masterclass Pakistan.
28. Be open offline about what you experience online. Report to school management for inappropriate online behavior.
29. Maintain proper professional relationships with any school staff, chef/s and classmate/s.
30. Students of his/her close relatives should not post or any article, statements, pictures, audiovisual on social media which is directly or indirectly links to Masterclass Pakistan.
31. Only comment on things about which you are well informed, and not against the interest and image of Masterclass Pakistan.
32. Do not violate privacy, confidentiality of any staff/s and classmate/s.
33. Protect yourself and others by not revealing private, confidential, or sensitive information on social media.
34. Ask permission before posting any article/s, statement/s, picture/s, audiovisual item/s of others, specifically staff and school related post/s.
35. Maintain consistent, acceptable behavior online and offline.
36. Enrolled or former students, don’t post any negative article/s, statement/s, picture/s, audiovisual item/s on social media, Masterclass Pakistan terminated the respective student with effect.
37. Masterclass Pakistan may seek legal action against negative or defaming post on social media by enrolled or former students or any relative/s.

F. Parents/Spouse and Social Media

Parents/Spouse are important partners in developing safe and appropriate use of social media and are encouraged to:

36. Be aware of your child’s /spouse use of social media.
37. Talk frankly to your child/spouse about proper online relationships and behaviors.
38. Develop a good understanding with your child/spouse online in order to view your child/spouse online posts.
39. Be alert and aware on social media spams, fake news and pranks.
40. Report to management for inappropriate online behavior related to your child/spouse which may directly or indirectly links with Masterclass Pakistan.
41. Parent of enrolled or former students don’t post any negative article/s, statement/s, picture/s, audiovisual item/s on social media, Masterclass Pakistan terminated the respective student with effect, or act accordingly.
42. Masterclass Pakistan may seek legal action against negative or defaming post on social media by parents/spouse or any relative/s.