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Dawlance Foodpreneuership Program

Since 1980, Dawlance premium home appliances company has been putting in efforts to make their customer’s life better by introducing reliable range of home appliances. The legacy of Dawlance, which now stretches over more than 3 decades, started off with the production of Refrigerators. And with time it has reached to the production of almost all the essential home appliances.

However, the vision is lot bigger than making the homes comfortable, the aim is the betterment of people, and Dawlance has always evolved around the ideas to find opportunities for the people to grow and excel. The desire to see our people develop, lead to a new venture that’s specifically designed to give an ideal platform for people with an urge and will to do something big and find success in it.


Foodpreneuership, is our latest venture that we have formed, collaborating with the leading culinary institute based in Karachi, “MasterClass Pakistan”, it provide hands-on cooking classes under the supervision of expert’s chefs, with kitchen stations built on international standards. The courses offered are designed to encourage aspiring foodies to kick start their careers in the field of culinary.

Foodpreneuership, is not just another course outline, it is a platform that set steps to move forward and achieve success. It is a chance for people with an ambition to make career out of their passion and make their name turn into a successful brand. This program is an opportunity for them to refine their culinary skills with professional chefs, while also learning entrepreneurship and Business management from industry gurus.

It will be a journey of 8 weeks, which will be divided into theory classes and practical learning. There would be 4 classes per week (Monday-Thursday). Imparting practical and theoretical knowledge alternatively.

Graduates of this program will be well equipped to start their own food business preparing delicious dishes while also managing their businesses, accounting, pricing, marketing, HR, and supply chain. With such a diverse skillets, these individuals’ will get to use their skills for profit extraction by building their own business venture, they will be trained to manage their kitchens and to make their kitchens into restaurant that are able to attract customers from far ends.

Doing something out of the box takes a lot of courage, and not all the people are fortunate enough to find that support or direction to follow their dream.

However, being a chef in our society is equivalent to do something that takes a lot of courage because there are many stereotypes attached to this concept in our society. Fortunately, Dawlance and MasterClass Pakistan has joined hands to break these stereotypes and support this initiative irrespective of the gender inequality. The platform is also an ideal opportunity for housewives, with basic knowledge about cooking as they can polish and refine their monotonous home duty into an earning profession that would help them construct an identity of their own. If you think you have that potential in you, trust Dawlance “kyun key Dawlance reliable hai”.

So, without much due if you think you fit in the category of people to make a change, join us and register yourself at MasterClass Pakistan, and help yourself to achieve the desired success.

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