MasterClass Facility Utilization – Providing a One Window Solution for brands

From cooking classes to facility utilization services for creative content, MasterClass does it all!

MasterClass Pakistan is a one of a kind culinary and hospitality institute – but that’s not the only thing we’re popular for! While our culinary and hospitality business programs have brought us a lot of attention and fame among our audience, our state of the art facility has helped us provide an experience that proves that our popularity is worth the while. It’s the same facility where students are introduced to the art of baking and fine culinary skills that are equivalent to international standards. Not only that, the seasoned cooks and experts who conduct our classes have given us rave reviews about our kitchen.

But our kitchen isn’t just open to our students and chefs, but we’ve also recently opened our kitchen doors to various brands and food-based organizations for facility utilization.

What does Facility Utilization include?

Our facility is a great place for brands to be creative. From open-air conditioning to proper utensils, equipment and tools, we provide a one-window solution to creative heads to visit and make food videos for their brands in our kitchen. We also provide brands video shoots, production and editing facilities, along with menu ideation, chef selection, and food tasting services.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

This means that MasterClass Pakistan’s kitchen studio is an ideal place for you to visit and get your creative gears running, along with creating quality content that your brand can be known for.

To find out more about our services, visit the MasterClass facility utilization page now!

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