MasterClass with Dalda at Karachi Eat

Nothing brings a crowd together like a good old food festival. And we at MasterClass Pakistan empathize with that sentiment very strongly. So this year, when the Karachi Eat festival was in full flow, we geared ourselves up with Dalda Pakistan in order to bring you the most delicious food you could’ve asked for in that event.

MasterClass Pakistan collaborated with Dalda at the #KarachiEat19 to make food using both our expertise to provide fans with a platter that tastes like home which became the talk of the town in the midst of that whole crowd. We can sum up our experience at the event with a few simple words: delicious, fulfilling, exceptional, delightful, wholesome and well worth every penny spent. Did you visit us at the #KarachiEat19?

If you want to bring your team to MasterClass Pakistan, feel free to contact us for team building activities, cooking competitions, collaborations and more and get your event arranged at the state of the art kitchen of MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School. Visit our page for more details.


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