Meals out of leftovers!

Got leftovers from last night? Feeling bad throwing it away? Don’t’ worry, I got you covered 

Had a rough day at work? Feeling hungry and frustrated? It’s the middle of the month and you haven’t got a salary yet so the option for ordering food flies out of the window, don’t stress it, I think I may come handy with this problem of yours. Show off your cooking skills!

When your refrigerator is stocked full of white styrofoam containers, tin foil dishes, and holiday leftovers, you don’t need to go to the grocery store. You’ve got all the ingredients you require. Using your leftover food from restaurants and dinner parties to create new meals is a great way to save money and reduce waste, plus point, it’s time-saving and adds in your culinary skills and change your lifestyle cooking 

The first thing you should know about leftovers is the correct way to store them. Follow these tips to keep your food safe, healthy and long-lasting:

-Refrigerate or freeze the unused food within 5 hours after cooking or ordering.

-sanitize your hands before handling leftovers.

-Don’t keep leftovers for more than four days.

-If a stored leftover seems questionable, DON’T question it and throw it out. 

-Place your leftovers in small air-tight containers with cool down covers. 

Now that you are pretty aware, let’s create some delicious, mouth-watering dishes..

1. Leftover Chicken 

Perhaps you bought one of those barbecued or baked chickens from the supermarket, and now you’re stuck with a surplus of roasted chicken. Luckily, chicken is a very flexible ingredient you can ever have, sounds good, no? 

You can make friendly-family chicken salad, there is no cooking required or you can shred the chicken, saute the vegetables of your choice, add pasta or have it with mashed potatoes, completely your choice! 

Chicken quesadillas are another good way to use chicken and any leftover cheese you might have as well (optional) Served with salsa and sour cream, it’s a quick and easy meal. You can also make sandwiches with shredded chicken and devour it with sauces. You can also make it easier to bake by DAWLANCE Built-in ovens or sandwich toasters! 

2. Leftover Steak 

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach when you grilled all that delicious and juicy steak last night? Don’t stress it. We have some new ideas for you to enhance your cooking skills and to fulfill your cravings 

Steak is excellent for a stir-fry. Just sauté it with your favorite veggies, soy sauce, ginger, and olive oil. Eat as is or serve over rice. Or, you can have it with french fries too! You can make beef popcorns or stew, like, cube your leftover steak, dip it in egg batter and cornflour, fry it until they are slightly brown in color and tada! You can enjoy the cubes over egg noodles as well as fried vege rice. You can also have them on pizza and enjoy it! Bake your pizza in Dawlance microwave oven


3. Leftover Vegetables 

Uh-huh, do I hear greens? Now, who would eat the veggies and is it even worth keeping? Well, of course, it is. 

Either stir-fried with sauces or roasted, they taste good in both ways. You can saute them with soy sauce and sesame oil, you can add hot pepper flakes too along with some other spice and serve them with rice. Most importantly, you can always freeze leftover veggies to save for a soup to make later. It helps you save your time later for chopping them as that’s a tricky and time-consuming task. 

4. Leftover Spaghetti Sauce 

Use your leftover spaghetti sauce to create new meals that don’t have anything to do with pasta. You can spread it on pizza dough or pita bread and bake it until it’s ready, you can have pizza burgers! They are my and hopefully, every family favorite. Just top your burger with cheese and grill it, boom, it’s ready! 

5. Leftover Bread

One would think that what can stale bread do? Well, FYI it’s still edible and totally harmless. You can make french toasts out of it or breadsticks to enjoy with ramen or soup. You can cook up some delicious breakfasts and desserts. Oh, and did I mention bread pudding? Also known as ‘poor man’s pudding’ which helps with filling your tummy way faster.

There are many more dishes you can create out of many things but the real question is, can you do the crafty work? If you can’t and have no idea about the kitchen, don’t stress it. If you are from Karachi, we got you covered there too! Masterclass Pakistan is offering the best campaign one can never think about missing. Cooking classes on Weekends! Working on weekdays? Busy schedule too? We now have a solution for that. Learning, having fun and getting basic skills from efficient chefs on weekends doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.  For further details, please visit our page or website. 


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