Morning Show at MasterClass

The team of Subha Saverey Samaa ke Sath visited MasterClass Pakistan’s Kitchen Studio, with their host Sanam Baloch leading the group. We had a good time starting with the show interviewing a few of our participants as they took their day’s class. The day proceeded with the morning show guests meeting with the MasterClass team members and sharing a few tips regarding how we run this studio.

In conclusion, the day proved to be insightful and enjoyable. We are thankful to the whole team of the morning show to have attended this event and we look forward to having them at the studio again on another day filled with recreational activities.

If you want to bring your team to MasterClass Pakistan, feel free to contact us for becoming a part of our team building activities, cooking competitions, collaborations and more and get your event arranged at the state of the art kitchen of MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School. Visit our page for more details.


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