Why is Our Diploma One of the Best Chef Courses in Karachi? 

Food is indeed the most basic of human needs but in a collectivist culture like ours, food acquires the status of a connecting element that transcends all our differences. Whether it is a fancy hang out with friends for lunch or a sophisticated dinner with family – the idea of sharing a meal unites us together and gives us a reason to cherish our experiences. The culinary & hospitality industry of Pakistan recognizes this fact and with ever flourishing brands, new eateries opening up in every nook and corner of the country, it is one of the highly accelerating industries in Pakistan. As per the statistics, this industry is to foresee an expansion to $3 million by the year 2020. What largely contributes to the remarkable success of this sector is a variety of chef courses being offered by pronounced culinary and hospitality institutions across the country.  

MasterClass Hospitality & Business School is one of those institutes that envisions and aspires to provide quality education in the booming field of culinary & hospitality arts to the students. Our pragmatic and future – oriented approach towards helping students develop professional culinary skills and giving them a state of art experience is what makes our programs one of their kind!  

If you are a food enthusiast and would like to explore the world of opportunities in the culinary arts then you are at the right spot. At MasterClass Pakistan, we offer a number of internationally acclaimed chef courses that focus on building competitive expertise to launch your career in the most dynamic prospects and one such program is our international diploma in culinary arts ; which reflects our ideology of assisting you widen your horizon and opening your gateway to a successful future.  

Here’s an insight into the reasons as to why should you join our Diploma:  

  • Culinary Expertise: 

This course is designed to provide you an enriching experience that goes beyond ordinary cooking classes. Our goal is to instill excellence in the students who are passionate about pursuing their career as a chef. With hands on experience and guided supervision, your scope of practice in the field is not only limited to the restaurants but you can also work as private chefs and caterers.  

  • International Accreditation:  

Our Diploma is acclaimed by City & Guilds London and aims to provide rigorous skills-based training by City & Guilds certified trainers. By enrolling into our program, you’ll be able to develop multifaceted skills related to culinary artistry such as food production, presentation & creative skills which will make you employable in the national as well as the international culinary & hospitality industry. 

  • Multinational Work Opportunities: 

Another merit of pursuing this degree is that it will widen your career options even in the international market. After successful completion of the program, you’ll be equipped with requisite skills to register for skills – based immigration opportunities in the countries like the UK, France, Germany, UAE, Canada & Australia. 

  • Foodpreneurship:  

Aspiring to establish your own food venture? With a Diploma in Culinary Artistry, you will be a step closer to your dream. The program is structured to focus on capacity building of the future entrepreneurs by helping them develop necessary technical and managerial skills along with providing preliminary investment and mentoring in cooking, baking, management & leaderships skills to turn an abstract food idea into a concrete reality. 

  • Practical Exposure:  

Cooking is an art that can only be furnished through experiments. By attaining this Diploma from MasterClass Hospitality Business School, you’ll be gaining a broad spectrum of practical exposure in the industry as a result of countless networking opportunities with both national and international culinary professionals & field experts to expand your learning avenues.  

All in all, our program is once in a lifetime kind of opportunity for you to turn your passion into a profession and to make the most of it, enroll into our Diploma in Culinary Arts today! If you’re interested to know more about it, visit our program page or book a free consultancy session with our team to get all your queries answered.  

Happy Cooking!  

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