Our Superwomen at Emirates Salon Culinaire

Master class Pakistan’s super women students and future chefs made our entire team proud by  representing us at the international platform and by winning three silver and two bronze medals along  with two merit certificates in Emirates Salon Culinaire 2021, an event endorsed by World chefs.  

Our super women chefs set the epitome, that your talent and passion can be your identity. It is  especially true for those women, who fear to showcase their talent and pursue their passion due to a  lack of confidence and support, in our contemporary male-dominated Asian society. 

Emirates Salon Culinaire 2021 competition was organized by ‘The Emirates Culinary Guild’, a UAE-based  non-profit-making organization, which aims and works for the advancement of culinary art in the UAE.  The 24th edition of ESC 2021 took place across multiple venues in the UAE and was live-streamed for  four days from 4th April to 8th April 2021. In the competition, from across the globe, 270 candidates  participated, including chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, and cooks. Participants’ expertise at Emirates Salon  Culinaire 2021 was judged by a panel of international adjudicators of the World Association of Chefs  Societies and by few locally based adjudicators. 

Our students not only just won medals and certificates in their favorite and specialized fields, they also  succeed to nullify the cliché, that “a woman’s place is in the home”. Furthermore, they conveyed the  message, that for making your dreams come true, you must have to step out from your comfort zone  and work hard, because no doubt hard work always pays and leads to success.

MasterClass Pakistan believes that women have the capability to lead their country and can help to  grow the nation by pursuing their passion vigorously. Therefore, being a culinary institute, we encourage  every woman who loves culinary arts, to unleash and discover her potentials by learning professional  culinary skills to transform her dreams into reality and for the betterment of her future.

A team consisting of Shagufa Afshan, Hiba Jamil, Kehkashan Alam, Mushkbar Fatima, Tehseen Fatima,  Muskan Nasir, and Faiza Adeel, students of Master Class Pakistan, represented the country which won  accolades for the entire nation. If you have a passion for culinary art and want to opt it as your  profession? So, you must contact us now because Master Class Pakistan is the right choice!

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