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Cooking is a form of stress-releasing activity, especially if you love the task. People have different methods of learning to cook, but now a days everyone is becoming increasingly more into the idea of learning different forms of desserts and other dishes, belonging to different continental cuisines. The problem faced by most people is, where to find an authentic place to learn all the vast amounts of recipes, because even YouTube has its limits when it comes to teaching.

To answer your cooking related dilemmas, MasterClass Pakistan is giving you the opportunity to not only perfect your cooking skills but also to apply this knowledge in the professional field. The certified courses we provide help you gain recognition among other institutions for being associated with us.

The biggest advantage to learning with MasterClass is that you won’t just sit back and observe the chef while they cook. You also get your own kitchen counter to participate in practicing whatever the chef is instructing upon. This is a pleasant and interactive process that leaves you wanting for more. Below is a breakdown of two of our certified courses.

Certified Baking Program

A certified baking program, extended over 5 weeks, with the King of Desserts Chef Mehdi himself, is a must-attend for your cooking journey. This course is convenient for anyone whether a baker, a hospitality student, a home cook or just about any person who has a sweet-tooth and loves baking. Following are the basics of this program

  • 72-credit Hours
  • Learn to bake up to 60 different desserts and savories varying from cupcakes to breads, tarts, cakes, cookies, pies, mousse; you name it!
  • Learn from basic to advanced patisseries and baking skills
  • The fee includes the kitchen station, ingredients, certificate and the dishes made by the person to be taken back home.
  • Upon completion a Professional Development Award by MasterClass will be given, adding to the fulfillment of having attended weeks of learning to make delicious goods.

Register for the course right now!

Certified Cooking Program

MasterClass Pakistan is providing you with a 100% hands-on certified cooking program where you’ll get to learn national as well as international cuisines i.e. Pakistani, French, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Parsi and more. This is a one-time opportunity to learn amazing tips and tricks regarding cooking, from well-known experts of the industry. The basics of the program are given below.

  • A 60-credit Hour Course taught by famous chefs in the cooking industry.
  • Learn upto 55 different dishes ranging from Pasta, Chicken, different kinds of Biryani to Savoury Desserts; the list is long and mouth-watering.
  • The fee includes the kitchen station, ingredients, certificate and the dishes made by the person to be taken back home.
  • Upon completion you will be acknowledged with a Professional Development Award by MasterClass that will help you establish your own career.

Remember: MasterClass Pakistan only accepts 15 registrations per batch. So be quick and register now to gain an unforgettable and infinitely benefitting learning experience.

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