Save Penny, Start Cooking!

How can cooking save you in many cases than ordering food?

I understand that cooking sometimes can be exhausting or sometimes you’re in the mood for something you can’t cook/bake or maybe, sometimes you are out of ingredients but don’t you get bored ordering from the same place again and again?

Don’t you get bored from eating the same thing over and over again? Most of all, do you really think it’s worth wasting your money just because you don’t know how to cook or you feel lazy?

Imagine my dear friends, what if you are on a road trip and you have to camp in the jungle with your friends, as much as it sounds exhilarating and wild, who will deliver you food in jungle? Are you all willing to starve till your next destination? Tsk, sounds not-so-fun to me. You can create the fire through woods and make something, or maybe roast something. 

Cooking/Baking is important?

Cooking/baking is an important part of life, one needs it for survival, for bad days, for good days. Moreover, you can impress your loved ones through your cooking! And in Pakistan, you and I both know how cooking is considered such an ‘amazing chore’ in a girl’s life’ like, “aray wah! Isse yeh bhi pakana ata hai” Not to indulge into stereotyping but getting a compliment regarding your dish is a good feeling, trust me, been there, done that. 

What if?

Now back to ordering food, don’t you ever feel curious about the food you order? Like, is it prepared in a clean kitchen? Are ingredients fresh? What if sauces are expired? 

Are your fries fried in fresh oil? The chicken you’re eating, is it really chicken? Or crow? Could be frog too. 

You never know in Pakistan. Period. 

And if we talk about money, what if it’s middle of the month and you haven’t gotten your salary yet? What if you want to add in savings but the food on advertisements looks so tempting and mouth-watering and later, regret is all you have. 

It’s not like I am against ordering, I myself order food on weekends when I am tired or not in the mood for kitchen mess but ordering every single day according to me sounds like throwing money in a never-ending pit. That pit shall be your own tummy. You can cook/bake the same things on your own, in good quantity, in a clean kitchen with fresh ingredients and feel satisfied. It’s economical and healthy both. Adding more, you can also create new amazing dishes from your leftovers and get a short-time happy feeling of a kitchen star!

If you don’t know how to cook and that’s the reason bothering you and pushing you towards ordering food from your savings, with a strong heart, I have a permanent solution for that. If you’re in Karachi, join MasterClass Pakistan, it’s a culinary school with vast knowledge about food with hands-on experience. It’s a one-time investment and forever earning place. You get to learn fast food, Chinese, Italian and many more cuisines and do you know the best part yet? You get to take your food home with you! Learn, cook and eat! 

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