The Art and Science of Stress Free Cooking

It is often said that engaging yourself with the activities you love can remove the traces of an emotionally or mentally stressing day or event from your mind. This stands true for cooking and baking too, especially if you love food. Sometimes, whipping up something tasty or creating a dish which makes you feel proud of your skills can be a great way to relax. A full tummy and a relaxed mind is, after all, the best way to ward off your day to day demons and can be equal to a soothing meditation session.

But therapeutic cooking isn’t given enough credit or leverage in our local industry, and we’ve found a lack of institutes which provide you the experience where you can immerse yourself in the simple tasks of whipping, beating or mixing ingredients to basically create masterpieces. Across the world, there’s a whole field of psychologists and therapists working on proving how therapeutic cooking can be. They’re even introducing cooking courses as treatment options for depression, anxiety and other disorders.

Seeing how these amazing developments have changed the face of the global outlook for culinary learning, we at MasterClass Pakistan have decided to do the same in Karachi. Our lifestyle classes are planned to create a sense of power and talent among our students to help them achieve a sense of command and purpose, which can hopefully reflect in their day to day lives.

stress free cooking

This kind of therapeutic cooking can also be called “behavioral activation” – a kind of therapy where people are encouraged to practice goal oriented activities while avoiding procrastination by allowing them to partake in a specific project – which can involve baking and decorating a cake – which they have to finish from start to end.

At MasterClass, with the guidance and instructions from our chefs, we make sure that every participant has a full chance of trying out each and every step involved in recreating dishes hands-on. Our kitchen is also designed to give ample working space to each individual, and with our team of qualified individuals and a range of quality equipment, we are able to create a carefully controlled yet creative environment where a person can cook and bake with ease, establishing a sense of purpose by the end of the day as they take all their dishes back home to their family.

stress free cooking

Within just a year, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of people across the city and even those outside of it to help them learn the art of stress free cooking with our classes. From young kids and teenagers to families, working professionals and students, we’ve been able to understand and evaluate the impact of our classes in their behavior and we’re glad to say that every time, the effect has been phenomenal.

stress free cooking

So here’s hoping that we can play our part in introducing new ways and techniques in spreading awareness and bringing change in the way mental health is portrayed in our society.

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