MasterClass Pakistan – A Chef’s Happy Place

It has been one year since i started working with MasterClass Pakistan as a Cuisine Instructor.

It was one smooth ride. Definitely not bumpy.
I really enjoy teaching cooking and interacting with people. And obviously I couldn’t have done all that without this kitchen heaven.

chef aisha waris

After completing my Culinary Arts course from Le Cordon Bleu, Malaysia, being a patriot that I am, I came back to Pakistan to make a difference in my own homeland. I was not expecting to see any place offering a platform just like an international standard kitchen for people who cook for fun, are not chefs, are not planning to join hospitality industry but are people from different fields and want to learn some restaurant style cooking just to feed & impress their family and friends.

My experience with MasterClass has been excellent throughout this whole one year. Its safe to say it’s my second home. From best quality ingredients to a clean working environment, this place has been my playground. The classy kitchen supplies to those smart stove tops and perfect ovens, this place is a dream come true for me.

masterclass pakistan

A chef has to not only be good at cooking but he/she must be a good entertainer too. MasterClass is that place where I can be myself and nobody has ever stopped me from doing that. I was never forced to behave a certain way or act robotic. I try to make my classes as lively as possible so people can feel welcomed and relaxed.

chef aisha waris masterclass

Best part: At the end of the day you see your students happy and smiling with their work and i give myself a mental pat on the shoulder  everytime. And it gets even better when they come the next day all cheerful and exclaim, “Chef, abu ko bohat acha laga khana”, “bachon ko bohat acha laga”… and sometimes, “begum ko bohat acha laga”. And what’s even better is that I also meet teenage boys coming up to me and confessing they want to pursue their careers in this field.

That is exactly the sort of thing that has kept me motivated throughout. This was just one year. Looking forward to many more years and planning ahead. This is my happy place!!

To take a look at the classes being offered by Chef Aisha Waris, click here.

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