We all love watching award shows. It’s super-fun to check out the fashions on the red carpet, and to see all our fave celebs in one place. But have you ever wondered about the science behind a dish that makes it tasty and fulfilling, about the individuals that create them. Preparing food is, of course, an age-old activity. Archeological evidence states that preparing food using fire began over one million years ago so why not keep the tradition going.

MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School set out to present the Annual Culinary Awards in Lahore,on 24th March, 2022, at Faletti’s Hotel. Lahore being the cultural heart of Pakistan welcomed us with open arms. The event was attended by 500+ guests including well known executive chefs from all over Pakistan, as well as some of the most notable personalities from the digital food community including; Asad Sheikh, Chef Abdul Manaan and so on.

The aim of this event was to celebrate the unsung heroes, our skillful culinary fraternity which includes the culinary professionals, home chefs, Industrial Chefs and digital food communities who have significantly contributed in the expansion of Pakistani culinary industry and made it prominent on the map of the world.

We welcomed the esteemed guests from all over the industry, Mr. Usama Ahmed, CEO Masterclass Pakistan praised the efforts of our culinary heroes, celebrity chefs, industrial chefs and the digital food communities. He further added that this is a new era for the emerging culinary professionals of the country. 

 The event was sponsored by some of the leading FMCG brands  which involved renowned industry professionals and distinguished guests from renowned food brands such as Young’s Food, Unilever Foods Solutions, National Foods and Shangrila, who made this initiative possible.

It was a day of appreciation and delight for everyone belonging to the Culinary Industry of Pakistan. In the event, various awards and gift hampers were provided by well-known brands to all the deserving well-skilled people from the ever-so-growing culinary Industry of Pakistan. The whole event was a mix award distribution ceremony, embracing cultural music and a scrumptious dinner for all our special guests. 

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