MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School

Hot Spices

Why do we even bother with spices? What’s food without spices? I wouldn’t want that and I am sure you wouldn't either.  We Pakistanis can’t live without chatkharas at all and we love it that way. Let me give you Continue Reading

Save Penny, Start Cooking!

How can cooking save you in many cases than ordering food? I understand that cooking sometimes can be exhausting or sometimes you’re in the mood for something you can’t cook/bake or maybe, sometimes you are out of ingredients but don’t Continue Reading

Is Food your Foe?

You either make food your best friend or your worst enemy, you might be wondering that how can one make FOOD their worst enemy? The answer is simple. Overeating or consuming unhealthy or consuming at the wrong time.  In Medical Continue Reading

Sweet tooth, sweet life!

Cooking requires skills and it can be tricky but baking is always fun to do, plus, it’s a treat to yourself. we often hear talks about midnight cravings, of mysterious, bleary-eyed feasts with a bottle of milk in one hand Continue Reading

Meals out of leftovers!

Got leftovers from last night? Feeling bad throwing it away? Don't’ worry, I got you covered  Had a rough day at work? Feeling hungry and frustrated? It’s the middle of the month and you haven’t got a salary yet so Continue Reading

MasterClass Facility Utilization – Providing a One Window Solution for brands

From cooking classes to facility utilization services for creative content, MasterClass does it all! MasterClass Pakistan is a one of a kind culinary and hospitality institute - but that’s not the only thing we’re popular for! While our culinary and Continue Reading

Pave Your Pathway To International Success

Becoming a chef is a great way to translate your love for food into a growing career. And the job gets even better when you consider the different chef immigration opportunities countries provide across the world. From the UK, USA Continue Reading

15 Cake Baking Tips for Beginners

Cake, the holy grail of baked goods and desserts. It’s usually the first thing that comes to our minds when anyone talks about baking. Many young and old have a great liking of this dessert. Due to its popularity, people Continue Reading